Best Costumes of Halloween at The Palace  Manila Caught on Fujifilm Instax

Best Costumes of Halloween at The Palace  Manila Caught on Fujifilm Instax

Best Costumes of Halloween at The Palace Manila Caught on Fujifilm Instax

Halloween is the day when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. There will be elements or spirits lurking around and you’ll keep trying to figure out which cousin came in dressed up as such. Last October 31, 2019, yet another crazy bash went down at the Palace Mania outlets. We did not want to miss out on the fun or the spookfest so we tried to take as much snaps as we could to catch those ghosts or those hosts! 

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Fujifilm Ph lent us 4 instant cameras to be able to catch a glimpse of the hottest, the scariest, and the most creative Halloween costumes that graced these hallowed walls.

The most creative and really close to the character costume was a sad looking Joker who we really wanted to put a smile on. He completed his red suit with a yellow vest and a green mop of hair. Sounds absolutely close!

We also saw Wonder Woman baring her guns (aka toned arms) and her beautiful shield that we’re sure will kill any maniac who dares. 

Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas totally followed our Outfits You Can Wear To Halloween advice and rocked that pinstripe terno all day and all night.


At Xylo Manila, the craze fest began and we were quick to press on that shutter. We used the Instax Square SQ 6 that had cool new features like a double exposure and lighten or darken feature you can choose from, even the darkest parts of Xylo were covered! 

Looking over on the other side at Revel & Yes, Please, we captured group costume concepts & awesome bar games with the Instax Wide 300. It’s twice as wide as the Instax Mini and can be propped on top of a tripod. Best for snatching those fun moments and the horror filled ones. Smile cause you’ll never know which one of your friends are real or not. BOO!

And because we love to get down and jiggy, to jump up and down while we party, the Instax Mini was the perfect bet for BAD. It’s so easy to use and with it’s size, you’ll never guess it’s a camera to begin with. 

Our favourite out of them all is the one we can fit in our pockets! We were definitely not scared of losing it because it fits any handbag you could imagine! With it’s small physique, it’s a digital camera with a printer all in one! It even has a memory card that can store up your photos. You can choose what to print and can even use it as a smartphone camera printer. We totally forgot everyone’s costumes right there!

Having a great time at the island, we saw a young lady rise in her Dia De Los Muertos attire paying homage to the dead by looking like the part but I doubt anyone would forget the sexy Mc Delivery queen serving up some French fry freshness. Who’s ready for a frenchie?

No party is complete without the King but too bad we’re missing the queen!

I guess she was purged and Rick would probably do some crazy science scheme to save the day!

Saw some other costumes you loved? Comment below and show us your best shots!

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