Baggage You Need To Leave in 2019

Baggage You Need To Leave in 2019

In less than two months, another year full of great opportunities is here and your year full of baggage can be extremely heavy if you don’t plan to clear it out before the year ends. Baggage can come in all forms. You could be experiencing it at work, in your relationship, your family, or it could even be your personal. Here are the things that are worth thinking about before the big 2020 comes! 

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Having second thoughts if you want to resign or not? We know it’s not an easy decision to make, especially when you’ve been with the company for quite awhile now. You need to weigh in responsibilities and your decisions. What makes work a baggage for the next year is when you are overworked, over fatigued, and it’s just eating you alive. There are also a lot of job openings by the end of the year, so you’ll never know what you’re missing out on. Carrying that baggage of not feeling great about work makes you uninspired and it will be hard for you to look forward to a fresh new year. Think about it. Don’t be too quick to act either. 


Relationship baggage goes for both single and taken. If you’ve spent the whole year being single and being dragged by your previous relationship, then look forward to a better year next year. We get it, it may have been not so easy at all but sometimes looking forward to giving yourself a better year makes things better. You might be thinking what are relationship baggages when you’re in an actual relationship? Well, these are things that you and your partner always skipped talking about. Whether it’s about a serious fight that needed closure or a topic that involves taking your relationship to the next level, may it be getting married, having kids or moving in together, you need to clear things out before the year ends! Don’t let yourself get worried again next year. 


Personal baggage can be a lot of things. We think that the most common and relatable to all of us is pressure. Pressure can be a baggage when you’re enslaved by it. At some point, you will feel pressured about success and milestones. There may be things that we cannot accomplish right away but it’s more important that we learn what went wrong and how to improve for the next year. Always welcome a new year full of hope and don’t dwell on what we did not accomplish the past year! 

Baggage is normal and it’s okay. What matters is how we handle it and how much we control it so it doesn’t affect us so much. Whether it’s just one of the above or all of it, they all deserve to be left behind. What baggage are you letting go off before the year ends?



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