Back to School Essentials Below 500

Back to School Essentials Below 500

School’s just around the corner. And if there’s anything we absolutely love about the back-to-school season – it’s the perfect excuse to get new (and not to mention, cute!) stuff. New pens, new notebooks and the list goes on. 

Shopping sounds fun but as a student means you probably only have enough allowance in your bank account to spend. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to give up on your school essentials, right? Fret not, for we have gathered ten affordable back-to-school essentials that are all P500 or less.




Planning is always good for the soul (and your grades). To be an organized student, you must always keep ahead of your plans and to-do’s so you don’t go cramming. If you’re into neat and tidy notebooks that you could use to get your creative juices flowing, opt for the ever-so-reliable Muji Dotted Grid Notebook with Grid (P245). Interestingly, we’ve found a couple of similar products on Shopee at a much lower price, too. 



Yeah, you read that right. You may not think it’s necessary, but your chapped lips scream otherwise. Instead of licking your lips from time to time in between classes, grab Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (P225) for a minty Vitamin E boost that your supple lips will thank you for after.



These colored pens will come in handy. Whether it is for your bullet journaling or a class that requires intensive use of colors, Dong-a Permanent Marker Hexaplus 20 Colors Fineliner (P465.75) has got your back.



Technology and all—let’s admit that nothing does it better than ink on paper. These trusty and minimalistic Muji Planting Tree Notebook (P375) comes in five pieces a set, perfect for each of your subjects, color-coded, if you must.



This may get a lot of huh’s and what’s from your heads, but trust me, an oil blotting paper in your pockets in this flaming hot weather? A must. Leiania House of Beauty TeaFresh Organic Face Oil Blotting Paper (P135) is infused with green tea and is all-organic. Not only it prevents your T-Zone from dripping oil all the way down to your desk, it also helps prevent breakouts. Perfect for a student who wishes to look human despite their busy schedule.



We can’t stress this enough: you need highlighters to survive. That’s what worked for most students, according to several researches, at least.  Highlight all the important parts in your course book that can easily be overlooked, so that your tired brain could still give the information the attention it needs by stimulating it with colors. The Stabilo Swing Cool Pen Highlighter (P36.75) is handy and pen-type, perfect for your study sessions.



If you’re a commuting student, this one’s a no-miss. Sanitize your hand Every. Single. Time.  after holding onto public property, especially when on the train/bus. You never know what you might catch if you absentmindedly bite your nails in class after commuting. SkinProtec Cool Breeze Hand Sanitizer (P55) is handy and has an attachment that you could wire on your bag.



Keep your pens and supplies in place with a handy-dandy pencil case that will never go out in style. The Disney Leather Pencil Case (P499) from National Bookstore will keep your pens secure while giving you all the luxurious leather-feels like a true boss.



In school, no matter what level you’re on, you will be surprised with the amount of paperwork you’ll have to store. Get a Simple Work Multi Purpose Filing Pack (P57) so all your important school documents and papers are in one place.



Everyone tells everyone to hydrate, so you will and you must. Buying water bottles on a daily basis is both destructive to your wallet and Mother Earth, so it’s best to equip yourself with a refillable water bottle when coming to school. The Masflex 800ml Tritan Water Bottle (P330) is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, cost-efficient, and BPA-free.

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