#AskESCAPE: How to Deal With an Ex Asking for a Second Chance

#AskESCAPE: How to Deal With an Ex Asking for a Second Chance

In light of Miss Ariana’s powerful campaign a.k.a. the birth of thank u, next — we think it’s only fitting that we talk about that one ex that you just can’t shake. It could be the ex who’s friends with almost all of your friends or your ex of 5 years. Whatever the case, you will experience (at least once in your life) to be asked for a second chance.

We’re not here to tell you if you should give at a chance or not, but we will list down the things you need to consider. Yup, you really need to think about it.

Assess Yourself

First of all, make sure you are ready. If it feels like everything just happened yesterday, don’t deal with it just yet because you’re simply not in the position to. Tell your ex you’re not ready and going after you will just make things worse.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Control You

You’re about to make an important decision, so really think it through. Don’t just decide because of what you’re feeling at the moment, weigh everything and take your time!

Don’t Stress Yourself Because of It

Actually, you’ll know deep down if you’re making a good decision. Yes, I know we said to think things through, but consuming yourself because of such matter is another thing.

Don’t Take Them Back out of Pity or Guilt

Guilt-tripping yourself into a relationship would only put you in a bad position. If you think you’re doing your ex a favor by taking them back, then that only proves that you’re doing it for their sake and not yours.

Don’t Let It Affect Your Present Situation

If you’re already in a place where you can say you’re stable and happy — then simply tell him off. You don’t owe him anything so if it’s possible, just end things on a positive note and go on with your life!

What’s your take on this? Chat with us in the comments below!

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