#AskEscape : How Do We Keep the Flame Burning?

#AskEscape : How Do We Keep the Flame Burning?

Let’s face it : love won’t always be rainbows and butterflies. The hard pill to swallow here is that love alone isn’t ever going to be enough. Making a relationship work entails effort, lots of it.

Spicing things up and keeping the flame burning are very common challenges most couples in long-term relationships are faced with. So, when you start feeling like the ~spark~ isn’t there anymore, what exactly do you do?

We did some research and here are a few ways that just might help :

Make Sure To Take A Regular One Night Off From Electronics

Sure, posting stories or photos of you guys can have #RelationshipGoals written all over it but we all know social media can sometimes cause problems which could be avoided to begin with. Regular breaks from social media can be healthy both for you and your relationship.

Be A Little Extra Mindful

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Relationships don’t always crash and burn because of intense issues like cheating or abuse. Sometimes, relationships end because one or the other stops giving value to what’s there. Be a little extra mindful – when they do something nice for you, when they’ve done something that makes you proud, anything really. Just be more vocal and more affectionate when you can be.

Keep Flirting With Them

You remember those butterflies you got when you were still in the awkward, is-this-really-headed-anywhere phase of dating? Even if you’ve already won them over, keep flirting with them.

Take Them Out On Dates

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…..and it follows, keep flirting you s.o. and take them out on dates! Not lousy, this-will-do type of dates. Every once in a while, it’ll be great if you can take them out to somewhere nice, something a bit more put together.

Surprise Your Partner Every Once In A While

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Get creative.

Not All Acts of Love Have To Be Sexual

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It can be as simple as helping them with something that’s been stressing them out. Just show them you care and live up to the fact that you are their #1 support system.

But Also, Have More Sex

Need we say more?

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