Area 51 Memes that Deserve an Alien Award this September 20

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Area 51 Memes that Deserve an Alien Award this September 20

If you haven’t RSVPed to the “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All” event on Facebook, why are you even online?! The mysterious facility was suddenly placed under the spotlight with over 2 Million people vouching to go and 1.5 Million people interested to go to the September 20 event. As per the event description “We will all meet up in Rural Nevada and coordinate our parties. If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens.” The raid is supposed to happen on September 20.

Some are actually serious about the Area 51 Rid. Hotels and AirBnbs in Nevada have reported a spike in bookings leading up to September 20. Surprisingly, according to an Air Force spokesperson “The U.S. Air Force is aware of the Facebook event encouraging people to ‘Storm Area 51… Any attempt to illegally access the area is highly discouraged.” Of course, everyone took their chances and cracked a meme or 51 about the ridiculously profound event. We list down the memes that deserve a spot in the Area 51 Raid Hall of fame!

A Plan We Approve Of

We stan this entry plan! Fool-proof and 100% reliable! Aquas, it’s your time to shine! Divide and conquer, Star Sisters and Brothers!

Houston, We Have a Problem
The best part about this Raid Area 51 chaos is that it possibly caused an actual commotion in the Pentagon and Area 51. LOL.

The one that reminded us of a childhood classic

We’re coming for you, E.T.!

What do Aliens EAT?!

***Checks WikiHow on “HOw to Take Care of an Alien Life Form”*** Do they eat Kale? Are they allergic to gluten?! DO THEY LIKE MILK TEA?!

Aliens: They’re Just like us!

Freedom from Area 51 means a GRAND entrance to the Earth for our alien friends! Highlight and lipstick ready! We are living for this Gamora x Area 51 Meme!

There’s Probably More

Did we even think this through?! Should we go to Area 1 – 50 first?! What are they hiding there?!

You Need to TRAIN

How exactly do you rescue an alien?! This guy shows us how to snag that alien and how to get killer arms.

Is Earth Ever Going to be the Same?!

Can we talk about how these aliens also have to do their best to protect planet Earth because it is now also their home?! Will they be given equal rights? Will they have a separate bathroom? Or in a random twist of events, will they kill us all?! Is that why they’ve been contained in Area 51?! These are the questions.

Exit Plan
If you can’t save an alien, might as well get something out of it!

Join Mond Gutierrez‘ Area 51 Raid Party over at Yes Please! this September 20! For inquiries, contact +63917 140 7777 NOW. 


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