Are Your Fave Brands Really “Eco Friendly”?

Are Your Fave Brands Really “Eco Friendly”?

Are Your Fave Brands Really “Eco Friendly”? 

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A fight is brewing between #Brazil and #Europe over the lungs of the planet. Since taking office in January, Brazil’s far-right President Jair #Bolsonaro has overseen a surge in logging in the vast #Amazon rain forest, where a record number of fires are currently burning. Bolsonaro has delivered on campaign promises to weaken protections for the environment and #indigenous communities, freeing up more land for cattle. On Aug. 15, Norway suspended a $33 million donation to a Brazilian #sustainability fund because Bolsonaro had interfered in it; Germany froze its payment five days earlier. Bolsonaro responded with mockery, telling the Europeans to go “reforest Germany” instead. Before that, on July 29, he canceled a climate-policy meeting with France’s Foreign Minister in order to get a haircut. Unlike the Amazon, the obstacles to #climate action show no sign of shrinking. In this photograph, smoke billows from a fire near Porto Velho on Aug. 21. Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @uesleimarcelinooficial—@reuters

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We can’t help but put a focus on the environment lately. Since the Amazon fires, worry has been on a cloud hovering above all of us. Are we going to wake up one day gasping for air? Are gas masks going to be in fashion soon? There are a lot of funny scenarios that might end up real sooner than we think. Our planet is dying and this is not a joke. It will only be some time until we all face the supposed end of the world. 

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Now we don’t mean to scare you but we’re encouraging you to be involved. A lot of brands not just in fashion, are taking the leap and making that move into more sustainable practices. Isn’t that so great to hear? However, a lot of other big conglomerates are using the environmental awareness card only to boost their sales and up their marketing strategies. How sketchy is that right? Greenwashing is a thing. It’s when a brand tells you that they have green practices, doing ways to gather sustainable resources, and overly sharing how aware they are of the effects of their business practices to the environment whilst trying to change or fix it. In short, it’s as if someone is lying to you about how, where, and what your purchases are made of. 

We are sure we all have our favourite brands and we ourselves sometimes even champion their causes but how can we know that what they are doing is actually good for the environment? 

How Long Do They Plan To Execute? 

Find out if their initiatives are there for the short term or the long term. Some brands might have tote bag promos that motivate customers to buy tote bags instead of paper bags but in the end does not promote the stop in using excess packaging. Have your own initiative to know if these marketing stunts are done just for that, marketing or if its substantial.

Do They Have Eco Collections?

For brands that have special Eco Collection, double check if they explicitly tell you where they sourced the raw materials of the items. Some brands inform their customers that the materials used in producing the garment is recycled but comes from all the way on the other side of the world. With the amount of energy used in shipping these materials, are they even eco at all? 

Closing The Loop

Like what we have mentioned in our Veganism article, it is important to know where all these items end up. Some brands have donation drives that collect old garments and recycle them then customers get a discount in return. Some brands use the waste of other brands and turn them into new pieces. 


Big names are often reluctant to disclose how their items are manufactured because it might expose bad business practices. Some examples of this are unfair labor policies, improper waste disposal, and excess inventory that ends up in wastage as well. If these are not always available in your favourite eco brands, their environmental awareness campaign might just be a marketing ploy after all. 

Earth Day Promotions

One big over exercised ploy are those Earth Day or Earth hour specials. Some brands only become concerned about the environment during these special days. It has become one of their hallmark events and eco-consumers wait for them yearly. Little did we know, their Earth Hour specials are just something that concerns only their sales at the end of the day. 

No brand is perfect but do not get easily fooled by green tags and half baked initiatives. With eco-consumerism being prevalent, some brands have priced their merchandise higher because it is for a cause. Know where your money goes by checking if they really care about you and the environment or just about the money you will spend on them. 

Let us know if you have been greenwashed by a brand in the comments below! 

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