Are Emma Watson and Tom Felton Dating?!

Are Emma Watson and Tom Felton Dating?!

What’s up Potterheads! Who are Dramione shippers?! Because 10/10 we are and we are so freaking kilig at the rumors that they might be dating!

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This started because of a photo Tom Felton himself posted of the two of them in their jammies! We have so many questions! Why were they together? Why were they in South Africa? Was it a couple’s vacation?! Whatever it is, we hope that it is a couple’s vacation and we want confirmation already!

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All those fanfics we’ve read up on about Draco Malfoy and Hermione is all coming back to us now! These two cuties are sure stirring up a storm over social media with this one post! What more when there are more sightings of the two around town or whatever. We are so excited to know more! Are you? 

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