Apps That Make Your Foodie Life Better

Apps That Make Your Foodie Life Better

Being a foodie means you have a particular liking for food that is beyond the usual. Sometimes, it can even go as serious as writing online food reviews regularly and dissecting the menu longer than usual. It’s actually awesome to be around foodies because you know you’re in good hands–you’ll never go hungry and you’re 99% guaranteed to eat the best food in the market.

If you’re a foodie or aspiring to be one, here are the apps that can make your life go from 100 to 1000–’cause when it comes to food, you won’t settle for less.

Honestbee – grocery
Honestbee is a double-edged sword (bee?). It’s an app that can deliver your favorite restaurant dishes and buy groceries for you. So whether you want food or groceries delivered, Honestbee is your bae. We particularly love that their service also houses food suppliers that cater to a spectrum of niche foodies–Ketos, Vegans, Vegetarians, Gluten-Free eaters and the like.

Foodpanda – delivery
Foodpanda made scheduling deliveries possible. I particularly use this service when I know I can’t cook the next morning because I have to rush out the door. It’s like waking up with your mom’s cooking–but it’s actually your favorite resto’s cooking.

Zomato – menu and location
Can there be a Zomato type of app for every establishment out there? I swear, this is the most useful app for the foodie on the hunt for the nearest resto in his/her area. You can filter your options according to cuisine, price point, and even wifi availability. You can also view and make reviews through the app if you feel extra foodie-ish.

Booky – offline database
Think of Booky as your bestfriend when you need to plan a group dinner but your data’s running low. Since you can access everything online, looking for restos won’t be a problem.

Looloo – reviews
Looloo is the most reliable app for resto reviews. Actually, they review almost every establishment on the app now. The best part is that you’re surrounded by community of citizens who just want you to experience good shi*t, so they make sure they write honest reviews.

Eatigo – discounts & booking
Who would say no to discounts? If you want to save money but also eat out, check out Eatigo for discounts at least a day before your eating plans. The discounts vary per time slot and the best part? You can book through their platform. All you need to do is show up at the resto and eat your hearts out.

Tasty – for recipes
The pioneer of top view food videos, Buzzfeed Tasty has created their own app to house all their awesome recipes. Download Tasty if you find yourself bookmarking all the videos Tasty creates, you won’t have a hard time recreating them.

My Fitness Pal – calorie counter
If you’re a foodie who’s also watching his or her calories, don’t fret we gotchu. My Fitness Pal is the tried and tested app we rely on to give us the calorie count of common dishes. They even have record of Filipino food! Make sure you consult this app before diving in so you’d know if you’re going over your calorie count or not.

Now, doesn’t being a foodie suddenly became 10x more fun and exciting? Let us know which apps you ended up downloading.

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