Annoying Things Our Baes Do That We Secretly Love Them For

Annoying Things Our Baes Do That We Secretly Love Them For

We all know that at some point, our boyfriends are the people we secretly love to hate every time he does something so annoying. Like, he constantly does these things that just make you want to go “ugh.”

Yes, ladies, we’re all in the same boat. But admit it. Even though it makes you want to punch him for annoying the shits out of you, you still find it endearing and in hindsight, kilig even! So don’t worry, you are not alone.

Here are some annoying things boyfriends do that we secretly love them even more for:

Cracking a (Corny) Joke When You’re Sharing Your Feelings

Yes, we mean that incident where you pour your heart out and he responds with a corny joke in the hopes of making you laugh. Unsure if you want to shout “take me seriously!” or “ang corny mo!” ugly crying, trying to suppress a smile, snot and all.

Jumpscares and Out-Of-Nowhere Surprises or Pranks

I don’t know about you but we’ve had enough mini-heart attacks whenever the bae would hide in a corner and jump out surprising you–most often while a video is recording. Most annoying thing! But, we all know we can’t help but gush and laugh afterwards.

Disgusting Conversations

You know how guys just suddenly bring up gross stuff like gory scenes or even describe in detail what their… looked like after they went to the bathroom…. At least he’s super comfortable with you, right?

Annoying Us With the Things We Hate

Scared of clowns? You’re sure he’ll send you a picture of Pennywise. Or maybe you’re scared of snakes or cockroaches, guess what toy he bought to leave on your desk to make you freak out! Sigh.

Farting in Front of You

And not telling you! And closing the car window!!!

Ruining a Good Picture

You catch him in his good angle, lighting’s perfect and you just want to take a cute couple pic… but then he ruins the picture by making a goofy or wacky face.

Endearing, isn’t it? So, next time your bae decides to do something annoying, stop and appreciate him for it. Maybe even by getting even, right? Leave some more annoying things your bae does in the comments section!

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