An Open Letter from a Former All Girls School Student

An Open Letter from a Former All Girls School Student

An Open Letter From A Former All Girls School Student

I spent my high school days in an exclusive school for girls. It was a roller coaster ride but looking back, the drama that ensued was very typical in a high school setting. I learned a lot from dealing with different types of personalities and upbringing. I am a firm believer that my high-school experience has been a great catalyst of where I got my strength as a woman.

We are disciplined in alignment to religious ways but we were also taught to empower each other. We were all given equal opportunities and were treated sans the gender norms. Being in an all-girls-school also means that theatrical and extra curricular roles for men are also portrayed by women. I remember fierce women playing the roles of a male heartthrobs and ended up swooning every student in the audience. I remember pep squad girls who chanted the school cheers in very low and large voices and they even carried their own drums! I remember varsity basketball and football players dominating their seasons and reining champions at every league. No one was ever a minority or inferior because everyone was taught to grow and shine in their own craft. These are the things that happen in a place where gender roles are considered a construct. It’s a place where you can grow without borders, a place where one can be unapologetically themselves and rise triumphant.  

I am thankful for being in a place like that. It has given me the strength and grit to face the challenges that will eventually come my way especially now that I am working.

I’m proud that I am a woman and I am proud that in my formative years, I was in the company of other women who fiercely empowered each other.

Each high school experience is unique, with varying environments and cliques, but one thing’s for sure, we are all women and we should all believe that we each carry our strength like a lighted torch until we reach our goal.

Happy International Women’s Month! Let’s keep fighting for a #BalanceForBetter.


Much love,

A Former All-Girls School Student


Cover photo grabbed from Emma Roberts’ instagram page (@emmaroberts)

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