An Open Letter From a Curly Haired Lady

An Open Letter From a Curly Haired Lady

An Open Letter From A Curly Haired Lady

I have been called Kinky, Kulot, Afro, Little Mermaid, and other labels that people thought should generally describe me but I’m just here to let curious people to know who I really am. This thing started with culture. Growing up, we were always told that when we get to the right age, we can get a rebond, or most TV commercials featured silky straight hair, there were also some shows that portrayed curly haired girls as the ugly friend or the loser who had no one. For a growing girl, these were some of the things that almost bothered us but could not just disregard because it was was how society said we should be received. I remember being excited every time I would have to go to the salon or get a home treatment to get my hair straightened out. When I was in high school, I ironed my hair every single day and learned how to flatten the curls without looking with the iron on my right hand and a brush on my left hand. This was a normal daily chore before I went to school. I felt pretty, I felt like I belonged.

2012, When my hair was regularly rebonded

In our years of puberty, we always think that looking the same and having the same things meant that we were oka, that we were cool until it came to a point that I could not take it anymore. Thousands and thousands of cash is wasted on a temporary remedy that has to be solved again once my hair grew 1-2 inches. It took 6 hours at the salon and 2-3 days of headaches and no washing to make sure that the solution they used for my hair took effect. One day, I got tired of spending my money on something that was gone so quick. It was beauty that lasted me 2 months.

I chopped all that rebonded dying hair off and it took a while for my hair to recover. It was at least a year before I had stopped tying my hair because I didn’t feel good in it. On September last year, I did what I was most afraid off, I cut my curly hair short. Little did I know, this simple act will make me feel free. For the first time in 4 years of having kinky coils, I smiled at what I saw in the mirror. I did not just feel cute or beautiful, it was as if I came back to being me.

It gave me identity, you’ll see my crown stand out in a room. It gave me character, I was always the bubbly one but now you’ll know that even without speaking with me. It accentuated my style, it was the perfect hair for my face. It takes a lot of managing & caring but it was one of those times that I felt unapologetic. I know I don’t need to belong because why should I, just like you, I am a savage facing life. I should not have to worry about what others think of my hair. It does not define me but it does strengthen my personality.

If you have curly hair, an advise is for you to just embrace it. There are so many out there that have the same dilemmas too. Don’t be afraid of standing out and making a statement. Besides, whatever your type of hair may be, it can never hinder you from being great!



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