A Tarot Reading To Close The Year

A Tarot Reading To Close The Year

 A Tarot Reading To Close The Year 

2019 was a roller coaster ride and we could not have seen the ups and downs coming. No matter how much of a blessing or a challenge it was, let’s be grateful for the lessons learned, tears cried, and laughter that we shared with one another. To welcome the coming year and to close this year with a full heart, you resident tarot reader here at /Escape prepared a closing reading for you! 

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2019 Theme/Card of the Year – 5 of Pentacles 

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#TarotDaily 🌟 I drew the #FiveofPentaces 🌟 "Don't give up just before the miracle." ~ Unknown 🌠 When you look at this card what do you see first? The two beggars? Or the warm glow of the church? At any point the beggars can step out of the cold and into the warmth – if they choose to. In the same way, you get to choose what you focus on. 🌠 If you focus on the negative, guess what? That's what you will experience. If you focus on solutions and opportunities, then that's what you will draw into your experience. The #5ofPentacles serves as a reminder that YOU are the creator of your reality. You can make it as awesome or as shitty as you want. The choice is yours. 🌠 Remember, negative thoughts create self-fulfilling prophecies. Light a candle, burn some incense and pray for what you need. Ask God and the angels to clear out any negative, fear-based vibrations, especially around money and your material needs. With God as your co-creator, you will always have more than enough. 🌠❤ #TheUniverseHasYourBack 🌟 Want to know what karmic patterns are holding you back? Book an #AkashicRecords + Soul Realignment reading with me. Discover your Divine gifts, which karmic patterns are blocking the flow of abundance in your life, and open up to deep #soul healing. I am offering it at a special rate of $111 (usually $144) until the end of Aug. Details are on my website. Link in bio or DM me @katiabeeden. 😇 #angelovehub #wellnesspurposeabundance Deck used: #Riderwaite

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This year was filled with losses and a lack of many things. This could be material, financial, it could be a job you lost but it could also be a year that was filled with you always dwelling on the things you do not have anymore. Your focus is on these challenges in life that is why you manifest more of it. 2019 was year that a lot of negativity filled the air and you were unable to combat this with thinking positively. 


What To Leave Behind – Knight of Cups

We are finally leaving behind our decisions that are all based on our emotions. 2020 is our grown up year. We look forward to creating solutions to our problems and since this can be done only by the guidance of your feelings but also with logical reasons, we encourage you to think twice. You must do this before you react to anything that has been said to you, think twice before you take a big leap, and contemplate whether your decision will benefit you for the better in the long run. 


What To Look Forward To – Wheel Of Fortune 

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✨Card of the day: 12/27✨ Happy Friday! Wheel of Fortune: 🔸Fate 🔸Cycles 🔸Change Embrace the flow. Today I just want you all to remember one simple thing. You can't control everything. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and see where life takes you. Even when you think it's taking you in the wrong direction, if it won't cause harm to anyone, stick it out for just a little while and see where it takes you. We don't understand everything and we often have trouble seeing what the best next step is. It's okay to let the universe just donuts thing. Follow it's lead for as long as you can, see where it's taken you, then decide on what to do next. I believe there are forces at work in our lives that we can't even fathom, so why try? A little self-aware apathy can be a good thing now and then. 😅 🔸 Have a great day everyone!💕

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2020 is the year that changes our lives for good. The Wheel Of Fortune tarot card signifies a change, a turning point of when you finally become align with your destiny in life. Be open to changes and expect things to turn out for the good, especially when you are putting the work in. Always be reminded about karma as well. Remember the saying that what goes around comes back around. Practice kindness and be open to a lot of signs from the Universe. Have a little faith in the world this 2020! 


2020 Theme/Card Of The Year – Queen Of Wands 

The Queen of Wands invites us all to have courage and be confident in all of our undertakings. We already have it within us to reach our dreams and all we need to do is put in the work required to reach those goals. Be bold and express yourself because your uniqueness is what will help you accomplish your goals. You also help others have power over themselves to pursue their dreams. What an exciting 2020 for all of us! 

Are you ready for the new year? 

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