A Guide To Older Boyfriends

A Guide To Older Boyfriends

Older boyfriends can be a heck of a puzzle. The maturity level may be challenging too! Don’t fret, we’re here to help you out. Here are a few points you need to remember so you can understand him more. 

He’s likely to be more emotionally mature

This is particularly one of the top reasons why having a boyfriend who’s older than you is really the best. He really knows how to handle you and your emotions. They know what to do even if we don’t tell them exactly what they have to do. There are times though that they are so mature that for those days when you know you’re being petty (let’s be honest, we all have days like this), they wouldn’t budge much. One of the most common lines you would hear from them would be, “You have to tell me how you feel, you can’t expect me to know what’s happening in your head.” Don’t be offended, they are just very straight forward so they know what they can do about the situation.

He’s likely to have more direction in life

Older guys may have planned out the next 2-3 years of their life because well, they aren’t getting any younger. You’re perfectly right on time in his life and the best part? You’re part of those plans somehow. He might not be sharing everything with you, but the best thing to do is to go with the flow. These guys don’t have time to waste. Every day of their life counts and they all contribute to all their goals in the future. You’re likely to have conversations about a future house or your wedding, don’t freak out, these guys are just planning their way to the future. 

He can keep up with you problems

When you have problems whether it’s personal, financial and etc., your guy will definitely help you get through with it. He may not be able to help you perfectly, but he would know a way on how to deal with your problems. At their age, they don’t like problems hanging around. As much as possible to try to resolve things right away. 

One of his priorities is to take care of you

At the end of the day, you matter so much to him that he wants you to be okay. He has the instinct to make things better and easier for you because he feels like it’s his priority to make you feel taken care of. They may not be very clingy but all the work he does in a day is partly to give you a better future in your relationship. 

He understands the concept of space without getting offended

A lot of older boyfriends are goal oriented. So if you need that space to accomplish your life goals, he will let you and he will not take it against you. Space is also important to him as it is to you, that’s why he’s always on full on support. Yes, even your need to have a girls night out is part of this. He’s mature and old enough to trust you, isn’t that just the best?

While older boyfriends are unarguably the best, they also like feeling taken care of. Don’t forget that they are human too. Don’t take advantage. He would also need help at some point and it would be great if you’re there to support him all the way.

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