8 Artistas You Didn’t Know Are Vlogging

8 Artistas You Didn’t Know Are Vlogging

We’re used to seeing them in front of the camera being plakado and all, but how are our fave celebs really like when they don’t have an actual production team and it’s just them with a handy-dandy vlogging cam?

Interesting, huh? Well, it’s really a thing now. More and more celebs are making their own YouTube channels and revealing to us what it’s really like to be them on the daily.

Alex Gonzaga


There’s no doubt, this girl is our current fave artista in the YouTube world. She’s funny, super authentic and she has Mommy Pinty! LOL. Seriously, after binge-watching her videos, it’s impossible that you wouldn’t get her ~Taytay accent~.

Bea Alonzo

Next up on our list is the ever-gorgeous Bea Alonzo. Yes, yo girl actually has her own channel and does travel vlogs featuring her family and friends! Get up close and personal with her and see if she really is a Bobbie from Four Sisters And A Wedding IRL!

Yeng Constantino

The 29-year old singer actually started vlogging a year ago and she currently has 371 thousand subscribers! Unlike the other artists, Yeng is more on the “day in my life”, spontaneous, and not overly-edited side. She gives us an actual look on how it’s really like to be on the show business and also her life now that she’s married.

Alexa Ilacad

This cutie Goin’ Bulilit gal is obviously now a full-grown lady because on her channel, she mainly does makeup-related videos! Aside from being a successful singer, this girl is for sure about to go big in this industry–I mean, she even got invited to Gigi Hadid’s makeup line launch!

Andrea Brillantes

Moving on to another gorgeous teen actress–Andrea B is really nailing it on social media and if you aren’t following her yet, you must be living under a rock! Not really sure ~why~, but everytime she posts a new video, it just blows up and becomes viral. I mean, when she did this Musical.ly tutorial, maaan I was sold. LOL.

Bianca Gonzales-Intal

We can’t even begin to tell you how much we love Paano Ba ‘To?!–Bianca’s very own segment on her channel. She features famous local artists like Toni Gonzaga, Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda, Angelica Panganiban and many more then they talk about certain topics perfect for the person featured. So when you’re feeling lost, brokenhearted or down–these life lessons will really help you take a step forward.

Solenn Heussaff

We know that Solenn is kween when it comes to hubadera stuff, so we especially love it when she comes up with segments like The Naked Chef–I mean, learning how to cook is one thing, but learning it THIS way is another. She also has a lot of funny challenges with Nico on her channel so if you’re looking for something to make you laugh out loud, this is it.


Kris Aquino

Last, but definitely not the least–the queen of all media (quite literally, we must say)! Imagine a Kris Aquino show without an airtime restriction and reservations, definitely here for it! Our most fave video on her channel is her 3-part house tour. LOL, it’s really THAT big so she can’t squeeze it into one.

So, what’s your opinion about artists starting their own YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments below!


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