7 Ways To Tell Your Best Friend You’re Catching Feelings

7 Ways To Tell Your Best Friend You’re Catching Feelings

Ever heard of the saying : ‘Do your best but don’t do your bes’ ? These are 8 simple but very important words to live by if you want to keep things peaceful and drama-free. But just as most things in life, it isn’t always a choice. Sometimes, somewhere in between the inside jokes, the friendly banter and the supposedly-platonic-touches – you begin to feel a spark. Even more so, sometimes, the spark isn’t something you can ignore.

That said, in case you find yourself feeling the lines in ‘Love, Rosie’ a little more than usual, it’s probably high time you start evaluating where you wanna stand in your best friend’s life. And once you have, and you realize you can’t hold your peace any longer, here are a couple of ways that might help.

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Be More Vocal Than Usual

Your bff went out of his way to pick you up? Be more appreciative. She’s totally rocking that outfit? Tell her in a non-condescending way, something you don’t usually do. The first step is being more vocal than usual.

Use Non-Friendzone Language

Don’t use ‘bro’, ‘beshie’, ‘bes’, or any other platonic terms of endearment.


…..just a little bit.

Ask Them out on a Date

Back to Tip #2. Use the term DATE & not hangout. Make it a little obvious too that you wanna spend time alone and just the two of you.

Pull-Off Some Moderately Jowa-Like Gestures

But don’t go overboard. It could be something as subtle as getting them their favourite snack and handing it over with a short but heartfelt note.

Make Platonic Touches Linger

This one’s a little self-explanatory. Make the usual hugs or arm-around-the-shoulder gestures linger a little longer. Just make sure you don’t do anything they won’t be uncomfortable with.



Yup. It’s that simple. And also that hard.

For what it’s worth, good luck and may the odds be in your favor!


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