7 Underrated Albums We Should All Be Listening To

7 Underrated Albums We Should All Be Listening To

It’s rare to find an album where every song is bangin’!

But there are full-length albums that need to be listened to in full because every song is pretty amazing! You’ll never know where you’ll find your next favorite song right? Sometimes the best songs of the artists are songs in the album that haven’t been released as a single! Find you rare gem in these 7 albums we think are underrated and you should definitely listen to from top to bottom!

Lorde’s Melodrama

Ella explained that this album is filled with her realizations after going through a break-up. Some of the songs are upbeat and some are mellow enough to feel the sadness but still give you those good goosebumps you get when you hear a good song.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion

Carly Rae’s breakout Call Me Maybe was that typical bop of a song that will be stuck in your head for weeks! But her latest album Emotion showed a different side of this artist – raw and fun. Find the song you want to dance to and sometimes cry to at the same time.

dvsn’s Sept 5th

A great R&B/Soul album that will make you want to sing your heart out or just simply vibe out to.

Pusha T’s Daytona

A full on hip-hop album that was famous for a while because of a diss track about Drake, but if you listen to the album itself it’s actually a really good one. Won’t mind hearing some of these songs out in the club.

Travis Scott’s Astroworld

Travis Scott has always released top charting singles but who knew a whole album from him will be a blast! It’s that typical album you would wanna jump around and bounce to on the dancefloor – and let’s be real who doesn’t want more of that!

Wet’s Still Run

Wet’s writing style has always been unique and raw. An album about heartbreak and the in-betweens. Fill your senti playlist with a bunch of songs from this album – but trust us, you will want to hear every song all the time no matter how much the lyrics may be too real it hurts.

Paramore’s After Laughter

A late bloomer to every Paramore fan is their latest album. An album filled with pop and upbeat tunes but if you listen closely, you will hear the struggles of the front lead singer – Hayley Williams. As she goes through her divorce, reconciling friendships and refinding herself. It’s relatable and dance-able, you’re going to have it on repeat.

We hope you enjoyed every album like we did! Found your new fave jam? Share it with us below!

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