7 Subtle Ways to Confess to Your Crush

7 Subtle Ways to Confess to Your Crush

Is someone making your heart flutter lately? Did you finally fall for someone’s thirst trap? Uh oh.

Gladly, we’ve been there before and not to sound desperate, but we have a bunch of helpful and most importantly — subtle ways of confessing to your crush! Some requires physical contact, but most you can do virtually so lucky you!

Wave on Messenger Then Say You Accidentally Pressed It

Classic. To be fair, sometimes it’s really an accident. So this doesn’t always work, you gotta have a back-up plan.


Start by quote tweeting poems with “@/crush”. It’s too subtle, but it’s good for starters. Especially if he’s following you.

Send Memes

If you’re the type who’s known for being funny, make a move by sending him or even just tagging him at memes that you know would crack him up.

Have Your Mutual Friend Introduce You

Having mutuals is very important. Convince your friend to introduce you, but don’t let them say too much because this can sometimes ruin your game plan.

Ask How His Day Was

After being introduced to each other, make sure to follow up! Simply asking how his day went or opening up random topics just so the conversation doesn’t end is a subtle way of telling them that you’re interested.

Tag Them in Videos Like This One

It’s funny plus it won’t sound too serious.

Pull a Prank on Them

Do something like a lyric prank using a sweet song or a “telling my crush I like him” prank and if it doesn’t turn it good, just tell them straight away that you did it for a dare. At least you can save yourself from the humiliation.

Which of these are you willing to try? We wanna know your thoughts so drop them in the comments below!

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