I think majority of the Philippine population would agree that Pia Wurtzbach’s win during the Miss Universe pageant unified the entire country for like, five full minutes. Despite her gorgeous looks, the best part about the reigning Miss Universe is that she’s down-to-earth, doesn’t put herself on a pedestal and is lowkey just like you (except she has a penthouse apartment in New York and you still live with your parents).

To celebrate her special day, here’s 7 quotes that prove why Pia Wurtzbach is truly the queen of the universe.

“We have confidence that is not forced. It is in your blood.”


“You don’t need to be tall to reach for the stars.”


“You can’t pretend to be somebody, you just need to be yourself.”


“Everything happens for a reason. All the hardships, all the rejection, everything. It all makes sense now because you found your destiny. Don’t ever change.”


Kahit Miss Universe ka, pwede ka pa rin maging sawi.”


“Never give up on dreams because you’ll never know, it could happen to you.”

Happy birthday, Miss Universe!