7 Movies That Will Make You Feel Good About Being Single

7 Movies That Will Make You Feel Good About Being Single

If you’re celebrating Independence Day instead of Valentine’s Day today, don’t be sad, we have a few movie recommendations for you and after watching these — you’ll for sure feel better about being single!

Also, you only have to endure today, tomorrow you’ll feel less lonely. LOL.

How to Be Single

If you just came from a long-term relationship or even if you’ve been single for a really long time, this movie will hit you in the feels because you will realize that being alone is good for you, too.

Begin Again

Songs tell stories. You know how when you’re heartbroken, listening to music or even writing one feels so good? Anyway, this film will make you feel good about being single because honestly, it’s better to be single than to be in a relationship with someone who’s not sure he wants to be with you.


This is the next-level representation of how we’ll be in 10 years — literally marrying our phones. It’s a unique movie, but it’s worth it.

He’s Not Just That Into You

This is an eye-opener if you’re one of those girls who keep on falling for the wrong guy. You will find your match, but put yourself first!


This is for girls who are already good at being strong and independent. Here’s to being savage and saying “ugh, as if” to every guy you meet.

Legally Blonde

At first, Elle is just like some of us, she thought having the best boyfriend is top priority — until she decided to be smart and just improve herself. We love an iconic character development.

Which of these have you not seen yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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