7 Empty Promises We Make When We Are Drunk

7 Empty Promises We Make When We Are Drunk

We’ve all had drunk moments that we’re not proud of and to make up for it, we sometimes make promises to our friends and even to ourselves, which we know will be forgotten as soon as we become sober.

Right now, we’re here to remind you of those things, so the next time you get drunk again, you won’t make the same mistakes. ‘Cos you know what they say about broken promises—they’ll haunt you down ‘til the very end.

“This time, magmu-move on na talaga ako

Probably the worst lie a drunk person who just went through a breakup can tell. At this point, we really don’t know who we’re trying to convince—them or ourselves?

Kaya ko pa besh! I will not be pabigat tonight.”

You know you’re totally drunk when you start telling people that you’re not. To our dear friends, please take it as a sign that you’re on duty tonight.

“I’m gonna be productive tomorrow”

After going cray for a full night, it’s natural to feel guilty. But we also know that being productive after going hard the night before is impossible as heck. Start with trying to get up first, and let’s go from there. LOL.

“This is the last time I’m ever gonna text/call him”

This is when you drunk-text or call your ex and your friends caught you red-handed. It usually goes like this: “I swear, I just called to tell him that I’m really over us and I’m not even thinking about him anymore.” Okay, like you really believe that.

“I’ll never drink again.”

Then came another Friday night and you feel nothing but the itch to hit the club again to catch up with your friends and let go of the stress from the week that was. We get it, it’s a never-ending loop.

“I’m not gonna fall for fuccboys anymore”

And this is when a random guy at the club swoops in with his neatly-brushed pompadour and tightly-fitting-in-all-the-right-places shirt. Sorry bruh, maybe next time when I’m over my (also-fuccboy) ex and I’m ready to risk it all again. Actually just hang in there, it’ll be any minute now.

“Let’s meet again sometime!”

And this is after you guys hung out for a little while and you thought it clicked. You’ll give him your number, but you won’t actually reply because then again, you’re not really over your ex yet.

Speaking of—it’s Friday today, and please say you already know what that means! Let’s all head out to The Island tonight and exchange empty promises, shall we? *wink*

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