Day Drinking Made Classy (And Certainly Not Trashy)

Day Drinking Made Classy (And Certainly Not Trashy)

Coming from a family whose favorite hobby is to have lengthy discussions about current events over wine and gin tonics during any time of the day, I guess you could say that I have grown accustomed to the ways of day-drinking and all its little twists and turns. From wine buzzed, vodka buzzed, gin buzzed, to even tequila buzzed by 4PM, I have seen (and felt) it all.

In the many years I have spent with my lifelong companion, alcohol, I believe I’ve earned the right to give forth some little nuggets of wisdom for you to carry along in your pocket as you traverse the complex world of day drinking. Take note that while it may sound simple, it is probably the most complicated thing you are ever going to experience.

Now, a usual day drinking occasion has its rules. Follow these rules and you come out unscathed and still friends with the person you’re day drinking with. Overstep said rules’ boundaries and you wind up a horrible mess, with a hangover by the time you wake up at… let’s say, 3 AM the next day (assuming you passed out way too early in the night).

There is a fine line that exists in the art of day drinking—one that can make you go from “classy, sociable, free-spirit” to “raging alcoholic in need of some immediate assistance”. This is where I come in to make sure that you navigate yourself properly throughout the entire experience.

1. For the love of everything good, EAT BEFORE YOU DRINK

Consume your carbs, proteins, and veggies, people! It is common knowledge that drinking alcohol on an empty stomach will buy you a one way ticket straight to hell. Non-negotiable.

Being well-fed before the day’s festivities will give you that extra glaze of calm, cool composure you’ll need to power through until the end. Do yourself a service and make sure to remember this simple rule: munchies before mimosas. It will save your life (and your reputation).

2. Avoid shots

Now this one’s quite obvious, especially to those with no intentions of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel by just 5 PM. Avoid shots at all costs. Shut-up and turn away. Pretend to go to the bathroom. I don’t care what you do, as long as you don’t do them. Plain and simple.

Imagine the burning sensation of tequila in the middle of broad daylight. Not a good image. No, sir.

3.Know your limits

Let’s turn that “1 Mimosa, 2 Mimosa, 3 Mimosa, More!” into “1 Mimosa, 2 Mimosa, I’m-Actually-Okay-Now-Let’s-Just-Talk!”. 2 drinks is ideal, although that of course may vary from person to person. Either way, make sure you set a limit for yourself. It’s all fun and games until you’ve had about 7 rounds before eventually finding yourself sitting on the curb by dinner time with a shoe missing. 

4. Take it easy the night before

Unless you’re ready to top that hangover with some more hangover goodness, drink moderately the night before. 2 beers or a hearty cocktail before the next day’s festivities is best. Your head (and your gut) will thank you for it.

5. It’s called ‘Socializing’ for a reason

Take note that the whole purpose of day drinking is to spend quality time with the people you’re with. Make it about them, not how much fuel you need to be able to endure your time with them (I mean, they’re not horrible). Have fun. Catch-up on the things that matter. Take a few sips, enjoy the little buzz, and feel it fade away once goodbyes are said. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a great day drinking session to me.

Here’s to making sure that you fuel yourself just enough to have the right amount of social energy and stamina to survive until the end of the afternoon.


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