Being around your crush makes you want to do crazy things ““ like trying too hard to be sexy. When your goal is to impress your latest eye candy with how well you can move various parts of your body or with the clothes that you’d wear, it might end up backfiring”¦ Here are 6 moments when being sexy wasn’t working out for you.

1. That time you tried to seduce someone with your eyes but it made you look like you were casting a voodoo on them.

2. When you decided to wear an extremely tight outfit that hugged at all the wrong places.

3. When your compliments were supposed to seduce your main squeeze but they ended up coming off as creepy instead.

4. When you decided to do the sexy pout in your selfies but too much of it made you look like a complete quack.

5. When you wanted to be alluring by licking your lips but it turned out to be painful to watch for the people around you”¦

6. That time you tried to show off your Shakira dance moves but it made you look like you were being electrocuted.

Being sexy can be hard at times but we go through those embarrassing moments and we learn from them, don’t we all? Maybe you should go and practice in front of the mirror before whipping out those sexy moves of yours.