Dillon Francis is anything but boring. Aside from being one of the pioneers of moombahton (house + reggaeton) during the subgenre’s early days, he also maintains a carefully managed reputation of being one of the most eccentric (and I use the term lightly) DJs to ever breakout into the industry. When he isn’t playing at the biggest clubs and music festivals around the world, you’ll most likely find him complaining about his missing father, having imaginary conversations with his cat Mittens or harassing his lawyer. Here’s 6 of the funniest things he’s done so far:

He’s on a constant search for his father.

If you’re curious, his dad isn’t actually missing. In an interview with LA Weekly, Dillon said his dad was an “alternative medicines doctor” (whatever that means) and has been pretty supportive of his music, allowing him to stay at home after he dropped out of school only if he treated music like it was a job.

He’ll do anything for cash.

In the merch section of his official website, you’ll find a variety of services you can actually get Dillon to do for you””if you’re willing to shell out some serious cash. He’ll break up with your boo for $1,000, do your taxes for $2,000, shave his head for $25,000 and go vegan for a year for $100,000. If you think it’s fake, last year he did a Bar Mitzvah for $10,000.

He boasts a close relationship with both his cat and lawyer.


There’s a lot more on his Instagram. Apparently this is a recurring thing.

He raises taco awareness during his spare time.

Apparently this guy just woke up one day and decided to order a bunch of tacos to give to people on the street. The fact that he let a homeless dude eat all the tacos he wanted goes to show that he’s still a pretty down-to-earth guy despite his massive success. Good for you, man.

He likes to dress up.

I wish I could say this was the only instance where Dillon ever dressed up as anything hella weird, but it isn’t. Aside from the Strawberry Gang video he made with close friends Diplo and Skrillex where they dressed up as strawberries, he’s also dressed up as a donut, a bee, a strip of bacon and a Poliwhirl. He’s also a fan of onesies.

He documents his struggles as a perfectionist.


You had one job.

He’s a straight up savage.

Just shortly after his platinum certification slip up, Vevo screwed up the release of his brand new track Candy featuring Snappy Jit by posting the video with Calvin Harris’ name instead of his. While Vevo eventually corrected the mistake, Dillion wasn’t going to let this minor slip up slide without giving Vevo a piece of his mind. LMAO.

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