It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas“”meaning reunions almost every week with a rotating group of friends (and relatives). It can become a little dizzying trying to decide on a place to meet up, so we decided to make it easier for you. At the central location of BGC, we’ve compiled our favorite places to grab a slice of pizza, because who doesn’t have a deep relationship with pizza?

1. The Wholesome Table, Bonifacio High Street


For a healthy joint, The Wholesome Table offers some damn good pizza that suspiciously don’t taste healthy at all“”and we mean that in the best way. Using the freshest ingredients around (many boast to be organic and locally grown, too), we would argue that The Wholesome Table has one of the highest quality pies in town.

2. Cafe Naya at The Palace, Uptown Parade

Our recommended pie is the truffle pizza from Cafe Naya, topped with mushrooms, parmesan, and arugula. And this latest pizza flavor isn’t even on the menu yet so we’re giving you the inside scoop. Naya is the perfect place to fill up for a long night ahead with the fam you choose: the location is just right to let the evening evolve into a dance-filled, cocktail-fueled night out!

3. Salvatore Cuomo, Uptown Parade


Enjoy a classic Margherita pizza from Salvatore! photo by @gchiu1

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Get your rustic pizza fix at Salvatore Cuomo, a restaurant that fuses Italian with Japanese after their titular chef, and specializes in Neapolitan pizza. Expect clean flavors, minimal ingredients that are all top-shelf, and a nice, peppery, crust that is soft and chewy beneath the tomato sauce, but crisp on the edge. Dress up, order some wine, and feel fancy“”as long as you still eat the pizza with your hands.

4. Peperoni Pizzeria, Uptown Mall

Hands down, one of the highest quality pizzas you’ll get for a fair price. For your barkada night, might we suggest the woodfire-baked 21″ XXL to share with two flavors? Our favorite is the bacon and honey“”the only pizza flavor at Peperoni Pizzeria without tomato sauce, so its crust is as crunchy as a chip! They have 16 flavors with two new limited edition flavors for the holiday season, so there is definitely something for everyone.

5. Wildflour Cafe + Bakery, 26th St.


Fine, this strictly isn’t a pizza, but hey, it sure looks and tastes like one, so close enough. Wildflour offers two flavors of Tarte Flambee (it’s a south German dish with toppings on a flatbread), and if you’re craving a pizza, their bacon and gruyere option should more than do. But don’t come here and expect to load up on pizza as their tarte is small and crisp thin. It makes a great starter to Wildflour’s other menu items.

6. Tipple & Slaw, 7th Ave.

The Tipple Pizza is the perfect bar chow to pair with a bucket of beers. Tipple and Slaw offers an unconventional signature pizza with chorizo, pastrami, mozzarella, cheddar, green peppers, and a mountain of brisket adobo flakes on top. Enjoy a low key evening of beers, pizza, music and laughter in an unpretentious bar where you can come as you are.

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