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Town Hall Crashers: ‘Turn the Tables on Our Fuhrer’


On Tuesday, Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.) held a press conferenceon the “cash for clunkers” program and was met by “dozens” of conservative protesters trying to drown him out. The protestwas organizedby the St. Louis Tea Party, whose Bill Hennessy told protesters the location, the time, and what to bring (“Sign ideas: Cash for Clunkers destroys old cars; ObamaCare destroys old people”).

On the day of the protest Hennessy put up another postattacking the WhiteHouse for setting up an email address to answer questions about “fishy” rumors about health carereform.

Barack Obama wants to turn everyone into a Nazi snitch.

The Nazis used snitches, including children, to turn in enemies of the state. Barack Obama has unleashed a program inspired by the National Socialists to identify and, presumably, punish citizens whospeak out against socialized medicine. [...]

Eric Odom of AmericanLiberty Alliance wants to turn the tables on our Fuhrer.

Yesterday, Republicans pushed back against Democratic attackson the town hell hecklers by calling them “middle classAmericans” who weren’t part of the fringe.

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