With everyone flaunting their summer bods this time of year, social media can be an especially daunting place to lurk around when you’re nursing a pudge while still trying to finish last night’s pizza order. In case you needed some extra motivation to shed those pounds this year, Mond Gutierrez and Erwan Heussaff launched their latest project with Century Tuna called #NoExcuses, and you can get in on it too. In his first vlog, Mond Gutierrez shares why he decided to start making healthier choices and enumerated some of the excuses he would tell himself not to work out. You can watch the entire video here:

Wanna make a change this year just like these The Palace partners? Here’s a list of common excuses people usually tell themselves and some tips to help you out.

“I don’t have time.”

If you have time to browse dank memes after a long day, trust me, you have time. If you need motivation, just imagine the look on your ex’s face when he/she sees your bangin new body and hits you up with that “Hey, I miss you.” LMAO.

“I’m too tired.”

You know when you tell yourself you’re gonna work out at 9PM but then you check the time and it’s 9:05 so you go, “Oh well, maybe tomo”. Same, friend. Same. The best thing you can do is either find time in the morning before school/work or move your workouts to weekends when you’re not so exhausted.

“I don’t know where to start.”

If you can google your ex’s new girlfriend’s social media accounts, you can google fitness and basic nutrition, or go on YouTube for exercises for beginners. Put your lurking skills to practical use and learn what you can about quick workouts you can do at home, how to keep proper form and what kind of food you should eat and avoid.

“Exercise sucks.”

You know what sucks? Being constantly self-conscious about the way you look. Exercise doesn’t always have to be an unenjoyable experience“”you just need to find the right workout that suits you. If you’re iffy about working out by yourself, get yourself a buddy like Mond. I mean if your workout buddy is Erwan Heussaff, who wouldn’t be motivated right???

“I’ve tried before and it didn’t work.”

As long as Selena Gomez keeps making pop music, you can do anything. Instead of setting unrealistic expectations, start with small feasible goals that you’re most likely to complete. The point isn’t to see results overnight, but to keep trying until you do. As Mond so eloquently sums it up, “It’s really the excuses you tell yourself that stop you from becoming the best version of you. Honestly if I can do it, you can too.”

Joining Mond and Erwan in changing for the better this year? Tell us about your personal fitness journey in the comments!