Twelve years ago, one of the greatest and most iconic films of our generation had come out. It told the story of an assistant (Anne Hathaway as Andy, foolish yet lovable) at a high-fashion magazine and centered itself around how horrible Miranda Priestly (played by Hollywood royalty, Meryl Streep) was. Because of her, we’ve come to know that The Devil Wears Prada. How chic.

In the real world, Miranda’s real-life counterpart is someone we all know and love. Anna Wintour. A name constantly talked about in regards to fashion, but more so today, thanks to rumors that she’s sadly retiring from her position. As the editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine and the artistic director for Condé Nast, Anna is a woman in power, and just like Miranda, she can be savage.

Her first Vogue cover was an iconic fashion moment

The world had been used to very high fashion, glammed-up covers prior to Wintour’s takeover. The November 1988 cover featuring Michaela Bercu defied all of that, with the model having her eyes almost closed, captured candidly, and most importantly, wearing a pair of Guess jeans paired with an haute couture Christian Lacroix jacket. The printers had even called back and asked if it was a mistake. From that moment, nobody questioned her again.

Her selective and editorial skills will make you #WERK

The Fashion Fund is like a Shark Tank for the fashion world, and just as she does with any magazine, Anna criticizes to the best of her ability, but what some viewers of TDWP didn’t understand about Miranda’s spiel where she claims the fashion history behind cerulean blue, the editors-in-chief, both real and fictional, are simply trying to extract the most beautiful outcome possible.

The First Monday in May is always the greatest because of her

Anna Wintour’s Met Gala is heavily looked upon by the entire world. My personal faves were Punk: Chaos To Couture and China: Through The Looking Glass, but all in all there is no singular moment that outshines another, as Anna’s work with the Met, just as Miranda did (which made Andy Sachs miss her boyfriend’s birthday if you remember well), is simply magnifique. So much so that she’s got a hall in the museum named after her.

Her Ice Queen facade can actually melt

It was temporary, very short, and emphasized by dramatic film music, but Miranda Priestly’s breakdown about her upcoming divorce had similarities to Anna Wintour’s heartfelt moments in The September Issue. The documentary had seen her talking about how people see her as an ice queen, when at the end of the day, she’s a loving mother. While it doesn’t show off the touching scene in the trailer, I highly suggest to watch The September Issue yourself.

Like Miranda, she’s got her very own list

When Andy discovered that Jacqueline Follet (fictional EIC of French Runway, duh) was about to take over Miranda’s job, she rushed to tell her the news before discovering that the boss lady didn’t care. You see, she had a list of designers, artists, and photographers whom she nurtured and discovered. In contrast, Anna herself has a heavily curated one, but with thirty years of fashion possibly culminating this September 2018, there’s a high possibility she’ll retire with class and simply pocket the list.

The news has been addressed by Condé Nast with having “zero truth”, but a name constantly whispered as a replacement is Edward Enninful, EIC of British Vogue Magazine. But even as the top contender for Anna’s mantle, he would have some pretty big Prada shoes to fill.

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