5 Things That Need To Be In Your Bag For The Perfect Soul Searching Trip

5 Things That Need To Be In Your Bag For The Perfect Soul Searching Trip

We get the feeling, the anxiety of never getting truly prepared for a trip. Whether it’s your first time to fly out or you’re a frequent flyer, we can all relate to this feeling. Don’t worry, we came up with the most important items that should be on top of your packing list. There’s probably thousands of lists around the internet of what to bring whenever you’re set for an adventure, but in this article, we’re gonna tell you how you can bring home every single fun-filled experience you had on your trip. 

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  1. Organizer Journal – An organizer journal can come in quite handy because it doesn’t just keep you on schedule, but it can also be your wallet. A lot of organizer journals now have pockets and card holders.  It also keeps tickets, cards, and other memorabilias safe. Most importantly, it allows you to bring the necessary and ditch the excess baggage.Image result for travel apps
  2. Travel Apps – Apps are a huge help when traveling. Most used would probably be Google Maps? But to name a few important ones, our list includes Google Maps, Waze, Google Translate, Yelp, Uber, and Grab/Lyft. Apps make our lives easier when we travel, from pointing us to the right direction to being able to survive in a country that speaks a foreign language, they always just do the job. Image result for pocket wifi illustration
  3. Portable Wifi – Whether you’re traveling alone or in group, portable wifis keep you connected. It’s also easier to search for places where you want to go or restaurants you can try. Even if we all want to disconnected from the online world, we can’t deny that having a portable wifi is still a necessity especially when you’re in a country that speaks a foreign language. Image result for fujifilm instax liplay
  4. Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay – Imagine a camera and a printer, smaller than your average smartphone. Yup, the Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay is that convenient for your next getaway. This is probably the most useful gadget for saving all your memories, because you can either print your photos or save them for uploading later. You can also easily transfer them to your phone with its bluetooth function. Pretty cool right? Above all, it’s not as heavy as a professional camera and definitely not heavy on the pocket, you can get yourself one for just 9,999php. Image result for travel adapter
  5. Travel Adapter – A travel adapter allows you to plug and charge your gadgets at every possible plug in the world. Just in case you don’t know, every country almost have different plugs, like Korea, Japan, and the Philippines have very different ones, that’s why having a travel adapter can come in handy. There are also times when we encounter a hotel room or a bnb that sadly has just one plug for everything. Some even have slots for USB, so you can charge your phone, camera, and powerbank all at the same time. 

The best part about these five is that they all perfectly fit every bag, whether it’s a backpack or a fannypack. That pretty much makes our top five travel items. Do you think we missed out on an important travel essential? We want to know what your must-haves are. Comment down your list below! 


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