5 Signs You’re Jowable

5 Signs You’re Jowable

If you’ve been told “it’s not you, it’s me” countless times and it’s caused you to second guess yourself – whether or not you’re really the problem – today we’ll spill the tea. Are you jowable? Are you the problem?

Well, here are some signs you are jowable and if you check out most of these, then you’re all good.

You Know How to Have Fun

TBH, no one likes a boring person. If it’s your first time to meet, of course it’s given that you’ll make an effort to show your best sides first. But also, it’s 2019, so you don’t have to worry that your funny and wild alter ego will jump out. Trust us, that’s a lot more interesting.

You Know How to Make Conversation

If it’s a virtual conversation, memes and GIFs always work. In order to make the conversation more fun, contribute and don’t just react to what the other person is saying. Find the balance though, ‘cause you have to sense if the other person is still engaging.

You Can Take Cute IG Pics

It’s a 21st-century must. If you know your ~aesthetic~ and you know your way around it, then this one’s easy peasy for you.

You’re a Foodie

Who doesn’t want to be with someone who knows the answer to every “saan tayo kakain”? Most importantly, you can debate about pineapples on pizza. That’s an ultimate dealbreaker, I must say.

You’re a Good Listener

Last, and definitely the most important one. If you don’t know how to listen and consider other people’s feelings, then all of the traits mentioned above won’t amount to anything. Being jowable means you are able to compromise.

Did you check all of these traits, but you’re still single? Well, you better share this and find another jowable person that will fit your taste!

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