There’s a heart-pounding beat playing and it’s sending chills throughout your body, making you tense. Someone screams, “There’s something in the water!”, but it’s too late and the ocean’s been stained a bright shade of crimson. Say goodbye to the hot surfer dude and the spring breaker chick who were hooking up. They were just ripped to shreds by a f*cking shark. Straight up destroyed. Welcome to the first ten minutes of every aqua-thriller (a genre I made up myself, thank you very much) film ever.

B-list movies about giant man-eating sharks and prehistoric piranhas have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. As the summer sun is at its peak and the youngsters are off towards watery escapes, it’s the perfect time to instill a little bit of fear in their hearts. Here are five thrilling shark films to get you riled up this summer.

Be afraid of the water in Jaws

Whenever someone mentions ‘shark attack’, it’s instinct to think JAWS! A timeless movie, this original shark-horror masterpiece still stands as one of the best films today. From the iconic skinny dipping deaths to the fiery demise the monster fish meets, it’s a cult classic that can’t be beat. The best part is when you’re doe with one, you can simply watch the several sequels created.

Swim for your life in The Shallows

Some say that Blake Lively fighting for her life off the coast of Mexico as she faces a giant great white shark is insanely ridiculous. Blake’s Nancy was a boss-ass bitch who knows how to survive a fight. Imagine stitching your own shark bite using your jewelry and then choosing to use your surfboard to save Steven Seagull. Why is the audience so attached to a f*cking seagull?! This movie IS insanely ridiculous. And I LOVE it.

Enter the depths in Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea was the first ever shark film I’d watched in my life, and every vivid moment is stuck in my brain. It’s entire creation was artistic, not trashy, and a lot like an underwater version of Alien. The scene where the smartened shark uses a human body as a battering ram was so captivating that I’ve since found sharks (although I know this is fictional) super intelligent. There are so many bloody moments in this movie, and I HIGHLY recommend the first one. The sequel is trash both visually and through story.

Enjoy raunchy horror in Piranha 3D

By definition, Piranha 3D shouldn’t belong in the list since they aren’t sharks. But as a swarm of blood thirsty fish prey upon sexual teenagers, I think they fit right in. A film that probably ended Steven R. McQueen’s career (if you’re thinking ‘who’ then point proven), Piranha was intense. They say bigger is better, and that’s one thing this thriller held to heart as they added more blood, more sex, and more monster fish.

Look forward to The Meg For Future Frights

You’ll more likely find Jason Statham as a spy, or perhaps racing at top speeds on the Fast & Furious series, but beside Li Bingbing and Ruby Rose, he’s facing something gigantic and ironically new. The prehistoric megalodon is back in The Meg, and from the looks of things, this fish isn’t a happy one. Coming out this summer, we can’t wait to watch it and see if it’s classy like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea, or trashy like Piranha 3D and Sharknado. Time will tell.

As we end, let me remind you that irl, sharks are actually peaceful and just want to be left alone. Instead of being afraid, be more like Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati who actually swim with sharks and other oceanic creatures. Are you ready to face the oceans now? Tell us what your favorite shark film is in the comments below!