5 Nightmares on A Night Out and How To Survive Them

5 Nightmares on A Night Out and How To Survive Them

As Halloween draws closer, all things dark and spooky are popping up. Even our happy places aren’t immune to nightmare situations. And yes, that includes the club.

Here are some nightmare night out situations we all can relate to:


Wardrobe Malfunction

Looking hot hot hot in your OOTN, strutting your stuff — until a rip tears through your pants, or a whole glass of red wine spills on your cute white dress. Definitely not ideal. If you have a spare get up in the car, just sidle in and do a quick change. If not, make like Regina George and just pull it off with red hot confidence and an IDGAF attitude.


Seeing Your Ex

Monsters? Zombies? Those spooks have nothing on your ex. You see them across the room and you become paler than the face of someone half-assing a Harley Quinn costume. Best way to fight this ghost is with fire and that’s exactly what you’ll give him when you sashay by him in the club.


Not Enough Money

Money can’t buy you happiness but it can prolong a good night of fun. That horrible feeling in the night when you open your wallet to pay for your tab and then realize it’s as wiped out as the costume section of the toy store before Halloween — not something you want happening to you. Come in with enough cash or attach yourself to someone who does.


Lost Your Phone

The club is a loud, confusing place and just as you’re most comfortable to lose yourself here, it’s also where you’re most likely to lose your valuables. Maybe your drunk ass left it at the bar when you were ordering drinks or by the sink when you when you were freshening up. Or maybe you tried sticking it in your teeny back pocket before grinding. Either way, it’s a total bummer to lose it in the middle of a fun night. Your phone can be your literal lifeline, bish. Charge it to full batt and raise up your ringtone and vibration levels before going in. If you like holding your phone, get a cute wristlet to practically cuff it to your arm. You can also get neon phone cases so it’s easier to see in the low light.


Too Wasted and Alone

Let’s be real: getting totally sh*tfaced is only fine when you’ve got friends to take care of you while you wild out and when you crash after. Going all out and getting trashed ALONE is not only mortifyingly embarrassing but also incredibly risky. With no one to stop you from humiliating or even hurting yourself, things can go sideways in a whole manner of bad ways. Always, always have someone around that your trust. Or at least someone at the other end of your phone who’s updated on your state of wasted.


Walwal responsibly, fam. Your night out doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you know how to handle the sitch. Got any crazy stories? Spill in the comments below!

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