There are officially 52 days ’til Christmas and that means relatives flocking together to drink, be merry, and rub your insecurities in your face. (Countless rounds of “May girlfriend/boyfriend ka na ba?” and “Ang taba mo na!”.) Hooray. What fun.

All the cringe aside, they’re still family (and it’s just for one night so #KapitLang). Here are five kinds of relatives that you can be sure to find in any holiday family gathering:

The Inappropriate Tito

We all know him: he’s usually the loud one with the bottomless whiskey in hand and the never-ending sexist quips and strong ~opinions~ that you don’t necessarily agree with. You roll your eyes at him in secret but hang around by his side in case he’s feeling generous with the aguinaldo.

The Tita Cousin

Your older cousin who is not actually a tita but lives the #TitaLyf with her handbag and fan and her three-glasses-of-red-wine limit. She’ll squinch up her nose at you chugging your beer and affectionately judge your life decisions.

The Super Stressed Out Host

If your household is hosting the gathering, guaranteed your mom/dad is freaking out in the kitchen about mismatched cutlery or too much salt in the soup. They’ll be screaming at people behind the scenes but greeting guests with all smiles. Talk about grace under pressure.

The Wild One

That relative everyone tells you not to copy but who is low-key life goals. They’ve been to the most happening parties, dated the hottest people, and have the best stories to tell afterwards. They don’t always attend gatherings, but when they do, it’s most def a memorable Christmas.

The Giving Grandparent

They have heavily perfumed panyos in their pockets (or in their blouses, in the case of lolas). They’ll ask you how you’re doing, listen but not really absorb what you say, pinch your cheeks, then magically produce a mint, a sweet, or a 100-peso bill from the inner folds of their clothes.

Have any funny (or cringe-worthy) Noche Buena stories with the fam? Spill in the comments below!