Aside from their mouth-watering selection of munchies and their seriously hilarious expressions, the city of Mexico boasts of their IG-worthy landscapes, not to mention their interesting culture. If that’s not what you call a complete package, then I don’t know what is!


To give you a better idea of what you’re missing out on, here are 5 places that’ll make you wish you were on the first plane to Mexico stat:

1. Playa Del Amor Beach

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Also known as the hidden beach, Playa Del Amor is famous for its one-of-a-kind crater, which reminds us very much of a scene straight out of a fantasy movie. Think of it like an indoor beach perfect for a secret squad sesh! Also, if you’re the type who’s tech-savvy, flying a drone in this place will get you IG-worthy shots your friends will def get jealous over.

2. Cine Opera

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Speaking of keeping your IG feed lit, the now closed Cine Opera would be a really good place for a vintage-themed photoshoot. Despite it being shut down for years, it still gives off the vibe of a ultra-glam era. Just a tip: go early, you don’t want to stay there till sun down “Ëœcause ghost stories are aplenty in this area. LOL. Spooky!

3. Mexicable Car

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Situated in one of the most populated suburbs in Mexico, these cable cars are like Mexico’s modern day Uber from the future. Traffic is an imaginary concept when you’re inside these babies. How posh is that??

4. Alley of the Kiss

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For the lovebirds who want to feel a la Romeo and Juliet, the Alley of the Kiss is the perfect place. Legend has it that a wealthy family lived in one of the buildings, and their daughter, whose bedroom window looked out onto the alley, fell in love with a young man from the wrong side of the tracks. Ending is, the dad killed the young man. LOL, can you say zero to a hundred real quick?! Now, the balcony of the girl’s old room is where you can hang love locks and the alley down below is where PDA is very much a thing! Not even kidding.

5. Cancun

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And finally, the very popular Cancun Beach. Aside from its pristine beaches, Cancun is popular among college kids who want to live the YOLO life on spring break. May it be night or day, the party (literally) never stops in this side of town and this makes Cancun a must on our bucket lists!

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