5 Feels During The Mercury Retrograde This Scorpio Season

5 Feels During The Mercury Retrograde This Scorpio Season

Thank God, Mercury Retrograde is about to end! Who is with us? The retrograde started during Halloween and is about to end its course on November 19, 2019. I don’t know about you, but it has been intense! As you all know by now, the Mercury Retrograde is in Scorpio and it was said to bring your deepest secrets and desires to the surface and it is going to be uncomfortable and confrontational but it is needed for a new season of transformative healing. I guess we all have to go through some sh*t to heal, right? But here are some feels we have EVERY time we know there’s a retrograde:

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Let Me Hide Forever

Personally, Mercury Retrograde always hits me. Sometimes I don’t notice it until I look back and OOFT. That’s probably it. Extra bad decision making, extra lazy to be productive, and a whole lot of feels you want to act on but we all know that’s not a good idea. So it’s always a panic cry to say “I’M NOT GOING OUT OF MY HOUSE!” when they announce Mercury in Retrograde. LOL.

Anxious About Travel Plans

This is not just traveling in terms of vacation. But from waiting for your next commute, walking to your destination or downright planning how to get from one place to another. Mostly you are not anxious because you know it’s Mercury Retrograde, you usually forget about it when it’s happening, but you feel like something is off and that’s probably that. Like yesterday, I asked if I could ride with a friend and there was a specific time and everything but then he didn’t message when he said he would and turns out he left me! I was anxious waiting but then it happens. So F YOU RETROGRADE! 


Blaming Everything on The Retrograde

At least now we have something to blame right? But we’re out here just blaming everything from a low battery laptop, no signal, feeling down and everything on the retrograde. Guys, sometimes it’s that but sometimes it’s just a laptop waiting to be charged. But I guess we can be a bit dramatic since it is retrograde? 

Panics About Interactions

They say don’t start anything during the retrograde. So when you see your crush, STAY CLEAR! We can be patient, right? Just kidding. But doubts about information and communication patterns will be affected so best to be proactive. 

Why Do I Feel Like Crying?

They said that this recent retrograde has you digging up unprocessed feelings for a long time coming of healing. So it’s time to face these thoughts and desires and finally do something about it. It’s okay to feel bad and have a lil bit of a breakdown in the process that point is to heal fully and be transformed after this season.

What feels do you get when there’s a retrograde? Share it with us below!

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