5 Feels About Spoilers

5 Feels About Spoilers

It’s THE Monday of all Mondays, aka, The Game of Thrones finale!

So to all the fans there, we know what you feel when you have to go to work first before getting to watch, or if you won’t be able to watch today! We’re all excited and we know there are a lot of people who have watched it already – so our enemy right now is SPOILERS! And even if you aren’t a fan of GoT, I’m sure you feel this way about your favorite shows and movies! So here are 5 feels we go through when we try to avoid spoilers:

Scrolls Through Social Media Nervously

We can’t help it! Mondays are draggy and slow and we usually try to scroll through our accounts to get through the day. Also, some people can’t help it too right? What if their work involves this! So we just nervously scroll through and hope we don’t stumble upon a spoiler!

Trying To Avoid People Who Have Watched It Already

If you go out for a quick snack or coffee fix in your nearest coffee shop and hear someone mention the show – you go away quick! Or wear earphones, tune it out until you’ve watched it!

Pissed About Seeing A Subtle Spoiler

Eventually you will come across an article that doesn’t exactly spoil the plot but there’s a subtle hint so you twitch your eye in annoyance and keep on going.

Angry For Seeing An Actual Spoiler

But there are just some people who can’t keep it SHUT! So you will eventually see a freaking spoiler and you are just angry and everything will just feel ruined.

Ranting on Social Media About Spoiler

Letting the anger take over you, you will post a passive aggressive tweet or status regarding your feelings about seeing a spoiler. “Oh, wow, thanks for sharing that. No one asked though. Goodbye.”

So if you are the lucky one who is always on time, let’s try to talk to people who have watched it too, instead of outright spoiling it! Let’s let everyone enjoy their shows and movies. What do you feel about spoilers? Share them below!


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