The gym is a safe haven for those who want to get fit, but as much as you love staring at your reflection when you pump iron or run on spot on the treadmill, you need to spice up your active life. Gymming gets addictive with time, so you won’t really feel like your life is a bleak cycle, but it’s nice to venture onto other things to keep it interesting. What better way to motivate yourself than to look on the hottest members of society?

Guys want to look like them and girls would literally go sprak if they slid into their dms, so follow these local Filipino fitties and let them inspire you to get active in a more exciting way.

Score a goal with Anton Del Rosario


?? @ilocosunitedfc ?? #IUFC #PFL #FootballLife

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David Beckham who? Anton Del Rosario’s football skills have been honed throughout the years, but you can start playing with a mate at any time. The sport’s duration helps out in the stamina department since you’ll find yourself running at different speeds all throughout. And plus, nobody breaks bones in football like they do in rugby.

Jump into the depths with Richard Gutierrez

Not only is it good for your cardiovascular health, it’s so good for your mental health as well. Diving into the water like Richard Gutierrez does is like escaping into a whole “Ëœnother universe. It’s a place free of drama and stress, but also simultaneously brings you into the world of sharks and fish. It truly is just amazing to be under there.

Ride the waves with Jericho Rosales

Jericho Rosales is still riding the tide of his film Siargao, where you find him going home to the said island. The actor’s skills aren’t saved for the silver screen either, as he can catch those crazy waves in real life as well. Those who don’t think surfing’s a serious workout obviously hasn’t tried to paddle out to sea over and over again.

Keep your legs spinning with Gerald Anderson

Is it all for a film or does Gerald Anderson truly love triathlons? We’re guessing it’s the latter as his instagram feed’s been taken over by cycling shots. Work your legs out like the Can We Still Be Friends actor by taking your bike to some chill places (Subic’s always filled with cyclists tbh) or keep it chill by going for a spin in the city.

Fight your way to the top with Marco Gumabao


Intense cardio workout care-of coach @jovinjimenez ?? Feeling Mcgregor… ?

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Mixed martial arts works your body out as a cardio and strength developing exercise in one go. While that’s all swell, there’s something very appealing about the thought of intentionally kicking someone in the direction of their face. SceneZoned star Marco Gumabao does it so gracefully I almost want to sign up to be his punching bag.

Big disclaimer: these guys look huge. As in, their muscles could cut you when they flex. While these fun activities are a good method of diversifying your workouts, don’t forget to put in the work in the gym, monotonous as it is. Got any other ways to be active off a treadmill? Tell us in the comments below!