When you’ve reigned as the top dayclub in the country for the last two years and earned a place among the best nightlife hotspots around the world, every party needs to be bigger than the last. At The Palace, you need to tell us twice. With tons of freebies from Globe, an unforgettable takeover by Heineken and a massive set by international DJ duo Yellow Claw, The Palace Pool Club’s 2nd anniversary party is easily one of Manila’s biggest summer events. In case you missed the #2PoolToBeForgotten trap throwdown, here’s a run through of everything that went down last Saturday night. Warning: major FOMO ahead.

#HeatItUp at Globe’s pop-up hub


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You can’t live life without a plan. An internet plan, that is. Globe’s postpaid hub let our partygoers #HeatItUp this summer as they posed with super cute summer-themed photobooth accessories while learning more about Globe’s latest offering: ThePlan. Did we mention free blue poptails were up for grabs at their booth?

Heineken’s takeover was lit (literally)


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Heineken gave away free beer and complimentary watches that lit up in two colors: green and red. The colors would later come into play during the Heineken takeover at midnight, where partygoers got to choose the music that played in the club by simply voting with the color of their choice. One of the best moments? The entire club singing to Mr. Brightside by The Killers.

Heart-pumping live performances


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Whether you found yourself dancing at the mosh pit or just chilling at Naya, there was no doubt the energy of hypemen Victor Pring and Pao Avila combined with the heart-pumping set of The Palace DJs Katsy Lee, Marc Naval and Mars Miranda really got the crowd going at the anniversary.

Tons of free swag


Aside from the blue margarita poptails from Globe and free beer and watches at the Heineken booth, the party also gave away free energy drinks at the mosh pit and limited edition string bags!

Three words: Yellow MF Claw 


To say the Yellow Claw set was lit is an understatement. From the hypnotizing visuals, the timed fire showers, to the sick trap beats, these guys went ~hard~. The Dutch duo even debuted a brand new song off their newest album Los Amsterdam during their performance, which the crowd went wild for. The only ones that went harder than Yellow Claw last Saturday were the concertgoers who shuffled, headbanged and fistpumped to every drop in their set.

Here’s to another crazy year of partying. Happy anniversary Pool Club!