Happy birthday to us! /ESCAPE is finally celebrating its first birthday at The Palace Pool Club, and this party is about to be LIT AF. You know why? Let me break it down for you: electric forest vibes, Kiiara, Lesha and SO. MUCH. MORE! As if that isn’t enough for a night of ultimate partying, we will also be bringing out (drum roll please) exclusive /ESCAPE shots made possible by our alcohol partner, Belvedere, that you actually want to try at #AYearOfESCAPE this March 3rd.


The “I don’t give a f*ck” shot is perfect for Riri fans. We all aspire to reach Rihanna’s level of IDGAF-ness. I’ve been working on my side eye just to add a little extra flare for when I take this shot. This drink has Belvedere and lemon soda, perfect for every bad and bougie chick.

2. Busy Bey

The queen of all queens, Beyoncé is the perfect depiction of #girlboss. I mean, who else can perform with stellar vocals all while having twins in their bellies? With a mix of Belvedere and cranberry juice, each shot will make you scream, “Okay, ladies now let’s get in formation!”

3. Shookt not Stirred

Have you ever seen something so ratchet at a club and just go, “Mm-mm that shoulda never happened, honey.” Or, “Girl, you better get your THOT ass outta my face.”? If that’s the case, darling, then you’ve been #SHOOKT. Now get your pretty self to the bar and order a Shookt, not Stirred shot. It has Belvedere and sour mix, perfect for you to get your shade on.

4. Hey Hoe

What if you’re the one getting everybody #SHOOKT with your twerking and grinding? Then by all means, girl, go and take a Hey Hoe shot, and let your ass do *clap* the *clap* talking *clap*. This shot has Belvedere and orange juice, and it’ll make you pop your booty! And if you’re gonna get down low, I better see what the Lord gave you touch the floor!

#AYearOfESCAPE is about to be the LITTEST of littest! I, for one, am ready to dance, drink, and shake this booty strong enough to create an earthquake. Join us on March 3 for a night with all kinds of ratchet-filled drama and fun!

Catch electropop artist Kiiara perform live at The Palace Pool Club for #AYearOfESCAPE on March 3! Click here to get your passes.