4 Reasons Why We Stand with A$AP Rocky

4 Reasons Why We Stand with A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky broke the internet when news about his detainment in Stockholm, Sweden made headlines everywhere earlier today. In case you missed it or haven’t heard about it, here’s a TLDR version: The rapper is currently being held in Sweden after he got into a fight with two men. The whole ordeal took place in a sidewalk when the two guys kept following A$AP and his crew. But here’s the thing : he voluntarily came to the police to talk about what happened and from there — things got immensely out of hand. 


The fact that he willingly went to authorities to settle things and immediately got arrested already puts out tons of questions. With that, here are 4 reasons why we’re with A$AP Rocky on this one. 


  1. He was being stalked. 

Based on several accounts, including the rapper’s statement himself – they were being followed for 4 blocks. That in itself is already very shady, don’t you think?


  1.   The whole incident was documented. 

There is actual footage of what took place. If you watch the videos posted on his account, you could literally hear A$AP’s team say “No one wants to fight with you, Bro”. 


  1. He isn’t being properly represented. 

Quick law enforcement-slash-international-law crash course : all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. As such, it’s a right to have proper representation or in this case, assistance from your home country’s embassy. According to several (verified!) sources – the American embassy wasn’t even informed. They were even barred from getting in touch with the rapper! 


  1. The conditions he’s in are inhumane. 

A$AP Rocky currently sleeps in a yoga mat with no blanket, being fed with food which sources describe as ‘inedible’ and no clean water. 


As of writing, there’s already a change.org petition urging the Swedish authorities to let him go. A couple of his friends, namely Chance The Rapper and Tyler, The Creator has also expressed their dismay, claiming that they won’t ever be stepping foot on Sweden. 


What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!


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