4 Beautiful Filipinas Open Up on Finding Their Flawless Fit

4 Beautiful Filipinas Open Up on Finding Their Flawless Fit

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From killing it in class to having blemish-free skin, there has always been pressure on girls to be flawless. But NEWSFLASH: The perfect girl doesn’t exist! In 2018, perfection and flawlessness are being redefined into being flawlessly beautiful. As the legendary Laura Mercier herself believes, “Change only what you can’t live with, but try to accept who you are, and say yes to what makes you unique. Your confidence will make you sexier than any beauty product or accessory you could possibly buy.”

When it comes to makeup and achieving the perfect look, it is imperative to find a product that will flawlessly fit your lifestyle and perfectly match your skin color and type. Laura Mercier has always been advocated towards achieving the Flawless Face. Their foundation products give full coverage and can brave the weather no matter how ghastly or sunny it is, without the added weight!

“A Flawless Face isn’t about looking perfect, it’s about feeling flawless.” shares Laura Mercier. /ESCAPE talked to four inspiring and unique Filipinas about finding their flawless fit! Here’s what they had to say.

Angel Manzano

A 21-year-old a fresh grad, and ready to take on the world, Angel has been traveling and spending time with family. In the pursuit of fulfilling a well-balanced life, Angel jumps from school to the gym to family affairs on the daily. She uses products that can take her look across the board. Her go-to foundation needs to last all day so she can focus on living life to the fullest! As a simple girl who doesn’t like wearing heavy makeup, Angel relies on her Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra- Longwear Foundation, Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer, and the Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder No. 2.


Jo Robles

As a 24-year-old marketing maven at a real estate company, Jo is a frequent traveler and a fitness enthusiast who indulges in pilates and cycling classes on her free time. She needs a foundation that can easily adapt from her daily transitions from work to play. As a young marketing professional, she’s easily entrenched in business meetings day in and day out. She makes sure she has the beauty essentials that transforms her into a marketing figure. Her essential picks are the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance, Foundation Primer, Flawless Fusion Ultra-longwear Foundation, Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer, and the Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder in Sheer Perfect. The long-lasting wear and maximum coverage of these Laura Mercier products give her the confidence she needs to lead in meetings or be the best cycler in her class!

Angelique Manto

The 21-year-old beauty always has a full day! As a courtside reporter and host, she always jumps from one camera to the next. Her day starts with a shoot for the TV Show she’s on, covers the basketball game in the afternoons and drops by events whenever she can. To cap off her night, she’ll either work on another vlog entry or enjoy a night out. Being a girl-on-the-go, Angelique always stocks up on her Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation in Chai, the high pigment and high-performance foundation creates a radiant and flawless canvass that can last for 12-hours. As someone who is always on the search for beauty products with all the coverage, Angelique keeps her look in check as she appears from one scene to another.

Andie Javelosa

After her stint as a fashion stylist to Liz Uy, Andi upped her game and ventured to become a content creator at age 26. On slow days, Andi makes it to a point that she’s still on-the-move, she does a lot of traveling in and out of the country. With so much exposure on the road and the under the sun, Andi relies on her Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen and the Flawless Fusion Ultra-longwear Concealer at all times. This moisturizer gives a sheer dewy finish that protects her skin from the harmful UV rays while hydrating her skin at the same time! Being the fashion girl that she is, she always tops her look with the (ever-present in her bag) Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder No. 2, Face Illuminator in Seduction, and the Matte Baked Radiance No. 4.

With these girls being exposed across different mediums and audiences. Presentation plays a vital role in the daily commitments they fulfill in their respective field. We sat down with the ladies and dug deep into what flawless means for them.

/ESCAPE: Complete the sentence: Being flawless is _____.

Angel: Being flawless is every girl’s dream. I think everyone wants to reach the point where they can go out of the house even without makeup but we all know that’s impossible. Thank god we have makeup! It makes us look and feel flawless even just for a few hours.

Angel Manzano, Laura Mercier, Flawless Fit,

Jo: Being flawless is not really about ~physically~ having flaws but it’s about fully accepting what you have, who you are, and being confident with yourself at the end of the day. We all have something to offer, and we will not be to realize those if we cannot create our own definition of being flawless.

Angelique: Being flawless is just being as bare as one can be, and truly accepting who you are. Being flawless is impossible but once you begin accepting everything you that are not and celebrating everything that you are. I think this is a good start to embracing your flawless self.

Andie: I think being flawless comes from your inner glow. The confidence you exude surmounts every flaw you think you have.

/ESCAPE: Complete the sentence: Flaws are ______.

Angel: Flaws are there but you have to live with them. These are tiny imperfections. You have to be able to make your flaws work for you. Some people think that freckles are flaws because they’re dots on your face, but I like it because it makes me unique, it makes me different. You have to find a way to make your flaws work for you.

Jo: Flaws are predisposed notions of what is collectively defined as perfect. But, I believe, flaws make me beautiful!

Angelique: Flaws define who you are. When I was younger, I was too insecure about my stretch marks, but I now call them my tiger marks. Flaws define and redefine who you are, and there’s no better way to be uniquely me than have accept those flaws.

Andie: Flaws shouldn’t be such a bad thing. These are things you just need to embrace and work around with. I think having flaws make me feel more human.

Andie Javelosa, Angel Manzano, Laura Mercier, Flawless Fit,

/ESCAPE: How important is makeup in your daily routine?

Angel: I believe that makeup is there not to cover your face but to enhance your features. My body clock is weird, and my eye bags are my biggest insecurity. I never leave the house without covering them up because, sometimes, I need to be my flawless self. Honestly, I always go for effortless enhancers for that subtle and sexy finish.

Jo: To be honest, I’ve been wearing makeup since high school. Come college, I felt like I couldn’t leave the house without makeup. Not because I needed it but because it made me more confident. I mean, don’t you just love it when your skin looks extra fresh and flawless? I feel like without makeup, my face and my life looks so dull. That’s why I always opt for longwear makeup. If there’s anything I will say to everyone starting on their makeup journey, it’s how much importance they should put in finding the flawless fit for their skin. There’s a lot of products out there but only a few will fit well.

Angelique: It is so important! Before, I would let other people do my makeup but I insisted to learn how to do my own makeup because I could never be happy with it. Now that I know my face and skin better, I can play around with products that fit my skin type well. So, when I finally learned how to do makeup on my own, I always try to achieve the flawless look and be photo-ready all the time!

Andie: I wear makeup when I have meetings, or when I’m traveling. Makeup helps a lot when you want to look fresh and flawless. With all the commitments that I have, I can’t take so much with me so I only bring my essentials. The goal is to always look polished and flawless and photo-ready since I’m always on Instagram.

/ESCAPE: What makes you, you?

Angel: In terms of skin, it’s probably my freckles. If you look at my family, freckles runs in our blood. If it’s something not physical, I’m really a mix of everything because sometimes I can be a super gym-goer but the next day, I can be eating everything.

Jo: I’m the type of person who can easily adapt. You can put me in any situation and I will always find a way to get along and communicate with the people around me.Jo Robles, Angel Manzano, Laura Mercier, Flawless Fit,

Angelique: What makes me unique is the way I could bend myself with the things that I do. If I have to be a serious sportscaster, I can easily be that. After that I can be the fun-loving me after. I think flexibility is what makes me me.

Andie: The type of job I have is quite unique and I’m glad that I’m able to make a living out of being creative. It has been a long journey but being able to travel often while still doing my job is pretty awesome.

/ESCAPE: What’s your skin type and how do you care of your skin?

Angel: My mom and my sisters are all into skincare and I didnt get into it until a few weeks ago. A friend told me that you have to take care of your skin when you’re young because when you’re older, you’re going to regret it. And that’s true! I started investing in it, moisturizers, toners, everything. I just started but I can already see the results. Also, I have sensitive skin so the quality of products I use is important. It can’t be too strong, and it has to be hypoallergenic.

Jo: I used to be oily but this year it changed, my skin became really dry so I’m focusing more on skincare. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Angelique: My skin’s a combination, my T-zone is very oily but the rest is very dry. I don’t have a skincare routine. But I just recently started, I now moisturize and use masks.

Angel Manzano, Laura Mercier, Flawless Fit, Angelique Mantao

Andie: I have combination skin type. Sometimes it’s oily, sometimes it’s dry. My skin care routine is not super complicated, I just need tinted moisturizer and makeup remover.

/ESCAPE: Every girl has days when they feel super flawed, be it because of work or personal life stresses, what do you do to hurdle through those days?

Angel: An important part about getting through those days is feeling good about yourself. If you wake up and feel crappy, you have to put in the extra effort to feel good about yourself, or else you’ll feel crappy all day. Once you wake up, make sure to turn the day around and make an effort to look good and feel good! Try to feel fresh and be ready to face the day.

Jo: I have me time. I have time alone, I love reflecting. Or I put myself in situations that I love to do like going to a coffee shop or working out. I feel like that automatically brightens up my day and that’s therapy even if my day isn’t that good.

Angelique: I find ways to not think about it. If I feel like when I’m not at my best, I try my best to make myself feel good in other aspects. I eat comfort food! I find ways to brighten up my mood somehow.

Andie: As cliché as it sounds, I think of things that make me happy or I look forward to things like traveling or as simple as getting something that’s good to eat. It’s mind over matter, I divert myself from thinking and look at the positive side.

Are you ready for Flawlessly Fearless days and nights? Whatever type of gal you are, however your schedule looks like, whatever your skin type or color is—you deserve a foundation that will cover for you under the summer sun or under city lights! Get your Flawless Fit by Laura Mercier from The Rustan’s Beauty Source today!

Produced by: Nigel Garcia (@nigelgarciaaa) and Kaye Pernia (@kayepernia)

Hair by: Chelsea Go and Dana Go (@chealseandana)

Makeup by: Marben Talanay (@marbentalanay) of Laura Mercier for Angel Manzano and Andi Javelosa; Rick Martell Calderon (@rickmcalderonn) of Laura Mercier for Jo Robles and Angelique Manto

Photography by: Alvin Chua (@no_name_ph)

Written by: Patricia Herbolario (@littlemissteapat)

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