Twenty Four Bakeshop: The New Spot For Sweet Eats!

Twenty Four Bakeshop: The New Spot For Sweet Eats!

24 Bakeshop: The New Spot For Sweet Eats!

Ever wonder what food is perfect for breakfast, and after dinner treat, and something you can snack on during long trips, endless hours at work, or just a merienda when you have a craving? We think we found it! 

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Twenty Four Bakeshop, used to be an online cookie shop known as Tiny Bakeshop has finally opened their physical store in One Bonifacio High Street on September 20, 2019. With the cute hues of blush and the golden accents? This pretty little thing has huge flavours in store for you! 

Their 3 main flavours are Chocolate Chip priced at Php 99 with a crusty golden brown outside and a soft and chewy inside. The cookie is bigger than a palm and is packed with luscious chocolate chips. Another flavour and crowd favourite is the Campfire Smores with a gooey marshmallow center perfect for that cross-section shot with a dash of seasalt on top and is only Php 99 as well! Last but not the least is a very packed cookie with hints of dark cocoa and velvety choco chips. The goodness that melts in your mouth but won’t ever break the bank at Php 109. Half a dozen cookies are also available for only Php 580. 

These goodies are baked fresh everyday and can be delivered to your doorstep when that craving hits. Their shop is located at the 3rd Floor of One Bonifacio High Street and with their open kitchen setup, get ready for a multi sensorial experience you won’t easily forget about. 

Home cook and founder Aj Francisco pours her heart out with each cookie recipe and baking process. She assures everyone of a party on their plate and a treat to make all your worries go away. 

Follow them at @twentyfourph to know more and see how these cookies have changed our lives forever!


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