With /ESCAPE turning 1 this March, we realized that it’s the perfect time to do a year-end (or year-start seeing as it’s February) roundup! Featuring all of the reasons you love us (don’t worry””we’ve known all along), join us as we read up and reminisce! And of course, as a special thank you to all of you out there, expect a gold anniversary with none other than pop breakout artist and low kii savage, Kiiara!

Let’s talk about Kiiara here.

When The Palace invited you to join the party online via /ESCAPE in March 2016


/ESCAPE #escapetothepalace

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When we launched last year, weren’t you happy you finally found an online millennial source of sass?! Weren’t you even happier when we threw a lit AF party to commemorate the beginning of an era?

When we helped you #GetSceneZoned

With SceneZoned featuring Manila’s coolest peeps in entertainment, nightlife, music, fashion and social media, we provide an insight on what their everyday lives are like and help you get to know them a little more. Our goal for SceneZoned is to show our readers a different side of our subjects””and that they are also real, fun people while being their badass and successful selves. So, who’d you like to #GetSceneZoned next?

When you read the funniest nightlife articles

Remember The 5 Stages of Getting Wasted? Or The 20 Kinds Of People You Meet In The Club? You’ve had websites providing funny articles for a while, but have you actually related to them? With /ESCAPE, we make it a goal to actually laugh and make you feel at home!

When we brought you #TYIF

We don’t just bring you the fun online. Every Friday night, we host #TYIF, a.k.a. Thank Yeezus It’s Friday, at The Palace Pool Club! As if you didn’t already have a great Friday night planned, we’re coming along to make it 10x better!

When we sided with Kween Kim over Snakey Taylor

We all know the famous feud between Kim K and Taylor. We all know how that ended as well. Bitch got labeled as a snake forever and we think she deserved it. #sorrynotsorry

When the abundance of hoes and f*ckboys in our content got y’all #SHOOKT


No, I don’t mean physical hoes and f*ckboys (we wish though). We simply mean, what other site will be referring to your ex as Satan’s f*ckboy lapdog or a queen hoe? We support your bitterness!

When we helped you get over all your #sawi feels

We care about you guys so much, we helped you through the whole process of being #sawi, tips for when you’ve fallen for a f*ckboy, and even how to move on! We were there for you in the beginning and we’ll be there for you when you get out there again.

When we upgraded to escapetothepalace.com


We’ve moved! Follow this page (@escapetothepalace) for daily /ESCAPE updates. ?? #ESCAPEtoThePalace

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Sure, we started as thepalacemanila.com/escape. We are The Palace’s digital baby, after all. Transitioning to www.escapetothepalace.com was our way of sending a message to our readers that we are ~legit~ and about to do big things on the interwebz!

When we gave away the most LIT prizes

We know you /ESCAPE babies just LOVE online giveaways! From giving away festival tickets to see our beloved Mr. West last year, to movie ticket, fashion items and now a trip to Boracay, you’ve got to admit that you can win big on /ESCAPE!

When we made being a #TitaOfManila cool

We know there are those of you out there who just can’t handle your liquor and would really like to go home by 11:11PM. Don’t worry about carrying around your big bag of powerbanks and snacks! That just means you’ve reach peak tita, and everyone loves you for it!

BONUS: When you found out we’re bringing you Kiiara for our first anniversary!

It’s been an amazing year of /ESCAPE, and we’re celebrating it with you this March 3rd! And even though it’s our birthday, we wanted to give one more gift for all of you out there! That low kii savage made of Gold that we’ve been hinting about? It’s none other than the spectacular singer, Kiiara! Gracing the stage of The Palace Pool Club for our anniversary, she’s sure to give us all some feels! Catch us in Pool, how bout dah?!

Purchase your passes to #AYearOfESCAPE featuring Kiiara now and enjoy early bird rates via tickets.thepalacemanila.com/event/KIIARA! For cabanas and tables, call +63917 689 8888.