Earlier this year, we looked at a sky full of stars and wished that Coldplay would be coming to Manila for their Head Full Of Dreams Tour. After a long period waiting for the news to break, it seems that someone out there has finally heard us, as the euphoric band announced their tour schedule in an Instagram post.


The Grammy Award-winning band will be playing at the MOA Concert Grounds on April 4, 2017, and we are absolutely excited for it. Although with ticket prices reaching up to a staggering Php 22,000 (seriously, Manila?), the general public has come to complain about the tickets’ high price, with some even considering selling their internal organs. Whilst those who can actually afford watching the concert are contemplating to simply watch it in the other cities, as the ticket prices here are equivalent to the ones in Singapore or Taiwan in addition to airfare. LOL.

We think it’s definitely worth it though””being huge fans of Coldplay, we could tell there’s a subtle difference when they sing their hits live just by watching on YouTube. It’s the original but it’s raw. It’s real. Why don’t we celebrate their upcoming concert by listening to what we determine are definitely amongst their very best live performances?

When they ruled the world with Viva La Vida

When they took us to Paradise at Letterman

When they lit us up like Christmas Lights at Liverpool

When we found ourselves when they sang Lost

When they brought us together thru life with Ink

When they brought Rihanna up on stage for Princess of China at Stade de France

When they gave us their hearts during A Sky Full Of Stars

When they pulled off A Hymn For The Weekend even without Beyonce

When they sang a song for us and it was called Yellow

When their song Fix You ignited our bones in Paris

A million thanks to our friends from Globe for making this concert finally happen in Manila. What are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!