This generation of ours just loves technology. Personally speaking, I go sprak when another person holds my phone for longer than ten seconds. Even when we’re drunk we find ourselves sending regrettable texts. While our phones are great tools for literally every damn thing, maybe we shouldn’t use it to break up with someone. Unfortunately, some people have had the unpleasant experience of dumping or being dumped through texts.

Heartbreak is bad enough when the dumper takes you out to dinner or instigates breakup sex, but for someone to call things off without putting in the effort to do it in person? Damn, that’s sure to leave you sawi.

Please keep a safe distance away

In this case, does #LoveWins still apply? LOL

There’s just no chemistry here

Wishes are just useless whispers

Find someone who will love you forever and never leave you

Learn from our mistakes diba?

So much for love electrifying the soul

Are you truly deserving though?

Unfortunately, feelings can change

The hardest hitting line of all time- RIP

Were you triggered? Grabe talaga. Some people have no chill. The indecent act of breaking up with someone over text is so appalling, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone other than my exes. With Valentine’s right around the corner, secure your dates and make sure you love your bae. Unless of course, you just want to end up with a sad screenshot of their breakup text. Have you ever ended things over the phone? If so, tell us how in the comments below!