10 Stages of a Hangover as Told by a 25 Yr Old

10 Stages of a Hangover as Told by a 25 Yr Old

As we get older, we have more freedom to party but our hangovers…

They get harder and harder to live with! It’s not the same when we just started drinking and we can go on our days with less to no hangover at all. Times are changing but does that stop us? Obviously not! No matter how many times we say “I’m never drinking again” we still end up doing it all over again the week after LOL. We list down the different stages of the day after drinking down below:

Stage 1: Feeling Floaty as Soon as You Wake Up

That moment when you wake up and you feel like your whole body is floating and you can’t seem to get up.

Stage 2: Realizing You’re Still Drunk

And then you realize…. You’re still drunk AF! This is not even a hangover yet – make it go away!

Stage 3: Chugging Water and Anything That Will Hydrate You

So you try to counter it by hydrating with glasses and glasses of water, Pocari Sweat or whatever you find in your fridge!

Stage 4: Wanting to Eat but Wanting to Puke at the Same Time

And then your tummy starts to grumble, so you decide on what to eat. When the food is there, you can’t help but feel like hurling so I guess that’s a NO.

Stage 5: Naps!

What can’t be solved by naps right?

Stage 6: The Actual Hangover: Major Headache!

You wake up from that nap that you think will solve everything but NO! That’s when the hangover kicks in and everything seems like it falls apart.

Stage 7: Cursing Alcohol and Swearing You’ll Never Drink Again

A phrase we all know too well – “I’m never drinking again!” We repeat this over and over again hoping that the hangover will go away. LOL!

Stage 8: More Naps!

A second nap sounds like the best idea! So just do it!

Stage 9: Finally Eating and Not Wanting to Puke

You wake up feeling better and ready to stuff your face with lots of food! And after eating you feel brand new!

Stage 10: Considering Hair of the Dog Already or Downright Just Drinking Again

There is still that lingering hangover feeling there but you are feeling better, so what’s a glass of wine or a cold ass beer, right? It won’t hurt to drink…. Just one more time.

Can you relate to this? Share it below!

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