10 Relationship Milestones That Don’t Include Marriage

10 Relationship Milestones That Don’t Include Marriage

Gone are the days when the biggest “achievement” of a relationship was defined solely by marriage. A lot of modern couples are now opting for partnerships and even just mutual agreements that they are together. No judge or priest to confirm their love. Love, after all, is more personal than anything. What works for others, might not work for you and vice versa. It all boils down to what you and your partner want.


Here are some modern relationship milestones that all relationships go through!


  1. Being Able to Say the L Word

Call it stupid but we all know being able to say the L word is a MAJOR MAJOR DEAL. Ghosting and keeping things unlabelled is easy, saying the L word and committing to it is hard. For those couples that already hit this relationship milestone, congrats! You’re halfway there!


  1. Being Facebook Official

Just like toothpaste, once your put something out on social media, it’s impossible to retract. being Facebook Official is another major relationship milestone! This is you two literally going public to the world!


  1. Calling Each Other Partners, Not Boyfriend/Girlfriend

It’s so high school to call someone your boyfriend/girlfriend. It feels fleeting and temporary, like your first boyfriend from high school. Calling your S.O. your partner is a huge commitment, you can all any other fling a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but a partner is a once in a lifetime person. Also consider calling him/her your soulmate if you love Meg Ryan movies.


4. Living together

Cohabitating is a big deal in this day and age. Moving in is the modern equivalent of getting married, seriously. More and more couples are opting to move in than getting married simply because marriage is not for everyone. From same sex couples who aren’t given the right to love (#sad) to the couples who simply prefer to be what they are and not married. TBH, this is the biggest relationship milestone ever.


  1. Splitting the Bill

We’re not talking about dates. We’re talking about electric, water, rent, groceries, all the dreadful parts of adulthood. This is you guys working as partners in crime vs. the real world! Splitting the bill or paying for your half is totally fine and should be a non-issue!


  1. Being Introduced to the Family

You know it’s serious when you get invited to meet his/her family clan. IT’S A BIG DEAL. Consider this a relationship milestone that comes with the torture of being judged and interrogated by the other family members! No more “Nasan na boyfriend mo?” questions, it’ll be “Kelan kayo ikakasal?”. Which is, on all honesty, no one’s business except you and your partner’s! Read more on how to introduce your partner to the fam here!


  1. Being Parents

Okay, unless you’re actually ready for kids, this pertains to being pet parents! More and more modern couples are opting to have pets as babies. Why? Babies are expensive and they need to go to school. Also, reports are saying that the last thing our dying earth needs is another baby! Being #PetParents is a huge relationship milestone!


  1. Sharing Clothes

It’s not called the boyfriend jean for nothing! If you guys often have sleepovers/live in together, sharing clothes is inevitable! Lazy day look? Boyfie’s polo and some skinny jeans. Matching shoes are also a relationship milestone under this! Couple shirts, on the other hand, should be left in the early 2000s. TY.


  1. Being comfortable enough with each other…’s smell


Love is all about acceptance and no judge-moments. A true relationship milestone? Getting used to morning breath, body odor, burps, farts, and yes: poop smells! Especially if you two live together! You both can’t be perfect all the time and honestly, no one has good smelling ~smells~.


  1. Fighting but Still Being Civil

How many times have you fought with your partner and still ended up talking civilly about other things while still being pissed? None? You might want to work on the relationship there. Being mad is a normal thing, all relationships go through it. However, there are instances where your partner is not the problem but for the sake of wanting to be right, you two fight to the death on who’s right. You have to remember that relationships are never “You vs. Me” it’s “You and Me vs. The Problem”.


What relationship milestone are you looking forward to achieving with your bae? Let us know in the comments!

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