It’s October again“”which means it’s autumn for almost half of the world. Knowing that our country isn’t exactly a four-season kinda country (geography, duh), we can only see it in pics or hear about how many people look forward to it. On the bright side though, fall also happens to be the best time for traveling. So if you really want to experience this most raved about weather, we know a place just in the heart of Asia.

The ultramodern but historical city of Tokyo, Japan is, of course, our best bet. Aside from experiencing autumn goodness, here are 10 more places you can go to when you visit Tokyo:

1. Shinjuku

The first place you should check out is Shinjuku, which is where you’ll experience full autumn eyegasm. Crisp leaves literally cover the road during October and the trees are in full-on orange and red. I bet it’ll remind you of some scenes from a romantic anime show and you would want to just sit there and devour the beauty of nature.

2. Ueno District

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If you want to cop Japan’s street style during the fall season, but you don’t want to spend all your travel allowance“”Ueno District is a good place for thrift shopping. One more thing that is amazing about this place is that it’s not super crowded and totally underrated, so you can still enjoy their famous art galleries, museums and parks after you’re done shopping.

3. Shibuya

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You may only know Shibuya for its famous crossing but do you know that they also call this the new center of hip nightlife? We know that Shinjuku is Tokyo’s party district, but people are saying that if you’re a tourist, you should just go clubbing in Shibuya because it’s safer. You can also find the hottest nightclubs and the chillest bars here, which is basically the perfect recipe for a night out.

4. Cool cafés

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If you like discovering places to chill out, there are a lot of cool cafés in Tokyo where you can just cool down after a long day of touring. For cat lovers, there’s a cat café in Shibuya called Happy Neko, but if you’re more into hipster stuff, then there’s Café Kitsuné in Aoyama and BOWLs in Shinjuku.

5. Ginza


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It’s not every day that you get to taste LEGIT ramen. Like, I know you can have ramen here in the Philippines whenever you want to, but your Tokyo experience wouldn’t be complete without at least going to the best ramen house in Ginza? I bet it would be worth the effort!

6. Harajuku


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Again, if the “Ëœgram is your top priority, you should visit Harajuku and find their amazing alleyways filled with street art. Reserve your best OOTD for this because I’m pretty sure you’ll get tons of good photos!

7. Tokyo Imperial Palace

For a quiet day out, go to the Imperial Palace and experience Japan’s rich culture. You can either book a tour or just roam around the palace grounds for free. Just a reminder though, you can’t actually go inside, but there are special days (usually around Christmas to New Year) when it’s open to the public and you can even meet the Imperial family.

8. Odaiba

Odaiba is very popular to tourists because they have a replica of the Statue of Liberty and the Bridge of Dreams here, which looks a lot like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It’s best to go here at night because of the pretty rainbow colors coming from the ferris wheel and also the night lights from Tokyo’s skyscrapers

9. Tokyo Tower

If you want to hit two birds with one stone, make sure to stop by the Tokyo Tower where you can get some Eiffel tower vibes“”maybe even better because it is now considered to be the tallest tower in the world! If you happen to have enough time, you can book tickets to experience the actual observatory and get a full bird’s eye view of Tokyo and also see Mount Fuji in the distance.

10. Asakusa


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To commence your trip and go full-on touristy, roam around Asakusa“”where you can find ancient temples and shrines“”while wearing a traditional kimono. You can rent one for a day and take as much touristy photos as you can!

So, are you itching to experience Tokyo? Well if you can’t just leave right away, we know a place where you could at least feel the Tokyo vibes without having to leave the country.

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