Every now and then a band comes along with music so infectious and uplifting they take the world by storm””and this is precisely what happened to French indie band Phoenix. After releasing their breakthrough album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix way back in 2009, the world fell in love with their breezy melodies and playful songwriting. If you’re looking for a much-needed pick-me-up after a long week, here’s 10 of Phoenix’s best tracks for instant good vibes:

Tuttifrutti (2017)

We’re kicking off the list with Tuttifrutti, one of the sugary-sweet tracks off of Phoenix’s latest studio album Ti Amo. Phoenix is at their best when they sing about summery tunes about being young and carefree””Tuttifrutti proves that the band still has it in them.

Love Like A Sunset II (2009)

One of Phoenix’s predominantly instrumental tunes, Love Like A Sunset II is a pretty serenade you’ll probably wish you had listened to sooner. Close your eyes as Phoenix takes you to a world drenched in sunset colors and dreamy synths.

Long Distance Call (2006)

While most of Phoenix’s songs are catchy enough to sing out loud, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with yelling “It’s never been like that” over and over again to yourself at 2 in the morning. Go on, try it.

Lasso (2009)

Another refreshingly upbeat track from their hit 2009 album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, You haven’t truly appreciated this track unless you’ve tried finger drumming to the intro.

Too Young (1999)

After breaking out into the mainstream airwaves in 2009 with the release of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, newer fans might overlook the fact that Phoenix had already been making music 10 years prior. An oldie but goodie, Too Young still has the rawness of Phoenix’s earlier work while setting the precedent of their future albums.

Rome (2009)

A failing relationship alluding to the fall of the Roman empire, Rome is a love song disguised as an upbeat pick-me-up laced with pretty melodies. With lyrics like  “I’ve never loved you / And if I loved you / I wouldn’t say that I’m sorry oh no / I stand outside under broken leaves”, Rome is sure to tug on a heartstring or two.

If I Ever Feel Better (2000)

The song you wish more people played at house parties. If I Ever Feel Better, whose funky soundscape reminds us a little of Daft Punk, is yet another Phoenix classic that’ll always get people vibing wherever you play it. It’s also worth mentioning this song just turned 17 this year. Just let that sink in for a bit.

Entertainment (2013)

Entertainment is the perfect song to listen to while you’re driving down the highway, wind in your hair, while the sun sets on the horizon. While the song’s use of playful synths might make you overlook the fact that the song’s message is bittersweet, it still doesn’t take from it’s overall charm.

Lisztomania (2009)

Remember when you first listened to this in 2009 and thought it was the most original song ever??? It’s been 8 long years since Lisztomania first graced our ears (and converted many listeners into instant Phoenix fans), but you know you’ll always find yourself singing along to the words whenever you hear it.

1901 (2009)

I think it would only be fitting to end the list with the song that started it all. From the pulsating synths, fun lyrics and an undeniably fresh take on synthpop, 1901 is and will always be the epitome of Phoenix’s unique brand of feel good music.

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