After months of barely containing our excitement and anticipation, we finally got what we’ve wanted””an electrifying, showstopping set from the one and only Flume.

That’s right, the Aussie DJ finally concluded his long-awaited concert in Manila, and at everyone’s favorite day club in town, The Palace Pool Club. And it’s safe to say that he dropped more than just the game, he dropped ~a bomb~, with an electrifyingly wild showstopper of a set. The show was a dizzying rain of bright lights, booze, and kick-ass jams, a perfect soundtrack to a perfect night. The only thing we’re wondering now is when the next show will be, “Ëœcause one clearly isn’t enough to satisfy our Flume appetite.

And, because we’re a generous bunch, we’ve compiled the best moments from that night, for the benefit of the poor souls who couldn’t make it. You’re welcome, b*tches.

1. Back at Pool Club

Now didn’t we all miss this?? You’ve probably noticed that Pool Club’s been under renovation and is clearly cooking up something new, so it was nice to be partying here again””like running back into the arms of that old friend who used to take care of your wasted ass.


Pool Club must’ve missed us too, because the crowd looked goddamn amazing. Seriously, take a moment to admire that beautiful, breathtaking audience, made up of beautiful faces. And hey, even if you were one of the ugly ones, at least you looked good among this sea of people.

3. The Palace’s big reveal for The Island

And what better way to welcome back our old friend than by announcing its makeover? The Island, a new nightlife concept featuring a variety of themed mini-bars, was announced to massive fanfare (of course). All the better to drink to, I say.

4. Jose Cuervo unveils its new look

Speaking of makeovers, Cuervo unveiled its new look live that night. And to celebrate, we all shouted, “Cuervo is da shit!” at the top of our lungs, because honesty is the best policy.

5. Partying under the rain (and no one gave a damn)

We didn’t need to stand under an umbrella-ella to keep partying. Rain or shine, the show had to go on, and so did we.

6. Getting wet

What better way to enjoy Pool Club than by swimming in the pool? These people sure made the most out of the rainy weather. LOL.

7. Flashes and Famous Faces


Flume’s a world-class act, after all, so it’s not surprising that the hottest names in the country””in the universe rather””would be in attendance. From Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger, to local personalities Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Lesha, KC del Rosario and radio host Tony Toni, the biggest stars partied and danced to the sickest beats of the 26-year-old DJ.

8. Marc Naval and Mars Miranda’s lit sets

Opening and closing the show, respectively, were two of The Palace’s resident DJs, who more than managed to hold their own with beats and jams that kept the crowd on their toes. We can’t get over Marc’s slowed-down remix of Kids, and Mars’ slew of hit song remixes, including That’s What I Like, Bad and Boujee, and Can’t Hold Us.

Perfect timing, too, because it prepared us for the nuclear bombshell that was”¦

9. Flume’s kick-ass setlist

Of course, this list would be incomplete without mentioning the man of the hour””Mr. Flume himself, who dazzled us with his biggest hits, including Say It, Drop The Game, Never Be Like You, and his famous remix of Disclosure’s You and Me. Among other things, his inventive samples of songs by Kanye, Lorde, and Beyoncé were more than enough to leave us clamoring for more. Luckily for us”¦

10. Flume giving us one more song

We’ll be damned if we weren’t going to mention possibly the best moment of the night””Flume generously throwing us a bone by extending his set with a remix of Trophies. Fitting, because he sure as hell deserves a trophy for giving us one hell of a night.

Got any more #Flume moments to share? Hit us up in the comments below.